Author: Kanchan Vallecha

MOM Reflects WOW

The world is blessed with an angel whom we call as the MOM. She is the person who is given different names in different languages. She is the one who replaces god on earth. No one can describe her fully; even combination of 26 alphabets can’t express her love for us. She is the person who works 24 X 7 in the family without any holidays. She never works for her own dreams and never complains about her routine life. She is a SUPERWOMAN on this earth who can cross any boundary for us. She wakes up before us...

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All about happiness and its importance!

Happiness is a feeling which brings satisfaction in one’s life. When a thirsty crow finds water and drinks it up to his satisfaction is happiness for him. Any Positive incident that gives great relief to you is happiness. It can’t be measured by any equipment; it can only be expressed with different gestures. It is a feeling of continuous positive vibes which leads you towards betterment. As flowers are considered as the beauty of a garden, happiness is considered as the beauty of life. This beauty can’t be purchased, it can be planted with joy, interest, pride etc. Everyone...

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Have hope in your life to succeed !! An Inspirational Story!!

There was a boy, named Kshitij who was very passionate about dancing. He used to practice every day with wholeheartedness. Once while returning home after classes, he met with an accident. He was admitted to a hospital. After examining, the doctor told his parents that he had got two severe fractures in his right leg and that he needed bed rest for 9 months. The Doctor also added that his knee was badly injured, therefore, special care should be taken. When Kshitij came to know that he had to rest for 9 months he was very gloomy as he...

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Failure, the word itself is enough to describe its fear. Everyone at least once might have faced it. Most of the people hate this word because it destroys them and they are afraid to cope with it. If you go deep into the roots of failure, you will find the actual lessons which can be fruitful to reach the desired goals. Sanchin Tendulkar is considered as the GOD of cricket. Did he achieve his designation over-night? Did someone bless him with a wish which fulfilled within a night? No, everything became possible after endless trials and practices. He worked...

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How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

What is attraction according to you? If you are thinking about the magnet then you are right. Attraction is when two poles attract each other, in the same way, is the law of attraction. It works on the principle of attraction. Do you want to be a millionaire? A billionaire? Or want to be successful in life? All you can do is, use the power of the UNIVERSE that is the law of attraction. Firstly, you should know the definition of the law of attraction. It is the simple law which brings our thoughts into reality. Whatever we think...

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