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Failure, the word itself is enough to describe its fear. Everyone at least once might have faced it. Most of the people hate this word because it destroys them and they are afraid to cope with it. If you go deep into the roots of failure, you will find the actual lessons which can be fruitful to reach the desired goals. Sanchin Tendulkar is considered as the GOD of cricket. Did he achieve his designation over-night? Did someone bless him with a wish which fulfilled within a night? No, everything became possible after endless trials and practices. He worked...

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How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

What is attraction according to you? If you are thinking about the magnet then you are right. Attraction is when two poles attract each other, in the same way, is the law of attraction. It works on the principle of attraction. Do you want to be a millionaire? A billionaire? Or want to be successful in life? All you can do is, use the power of the UNIVERSE that is the law of attraction. Firstly, you should know the definition of the law of attraction. It is the simple law which brings our thoughts into reality. Whatever we think...

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Must have food items in winter to stay healthy.

We all know that ‘Health is Wealth’, but nowadays we all are ignoring this wealth. We all are busy in earning materialistic wealth. According to a survey, most of the diseases are caused due to unhealthy food. A healthy diet is the best remedy to cure the diseases.   Most of the times, people don’t know what to eat and what not. Due to lack of complete knowledge, people are living in darkness and eating unhealthy food. Every season has its own characteristics that influence our lifestyle. In Winter Season Winter is the season when you can improve your...

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10 Things You Should Do Before New Year

According to the calendar, December is the last month of the year. It is the countdown month which will end the year. The month in which Santa Claus comes to fulfill wishes of children and for enjoyment. If we see in the view of elders, it is the month of planning. The planning from which you can visualize the upcoming year. It is the month to get a review of the whole year to brighten the new year if things are planned systematically. Try to utilize these 31 days wisely, as it can be said as the trial month....

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Standing at the mid of the road, but confused in which direction to move is the common problem which is usually faced by many people. Nowadays, youngsters are also facing a lot of problems while choosing their career. They have to pass through many hurdles due to lack of knowledge, skills, and interest etc. Sometimes due to wrong selection, they are not able to meet their goals. Here are some problems that are faced by students while moving further in higher education: Lack Of Proper Guidance – After completing schooling, there are a number of options for students. Students...

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