Author: Kanchan Vallecha

Why do Teens end their lives?

Life is a journey, not a destination. We should always take steps to move forward in life, no matter how the path is, try to cross it with confidence. Life is the most precious gift that we are blessed with. We should appreciate it in all possible ways. It is the most valuable asset. According to Shakespeare, There are seven ages of man. Infancy Schoolboy Teenager Young man Middle-aged Old man Dotage and death The most crucial stage is Teenager. This is the stage where a child is either blossomed or withered. All depends on the circumstances that he...

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Why Inspiration Matters?

Life is full of ups and downs. To cope up with dark phases of life we need to inspire ourselves. Inspirations play the key role to live the peaceful life. It is the fuel of life which is mandatory for healthy life. If we are stuck in a situation and not able to rise above it, we think it’s over. We are trying to move backward instead of forward. In this situation we get a ray coming towards us that it’s not an end, we can do it is known as inspiration. As mornings are not complete without a...

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Why Is Inspiration Important In Our Life?

The thing which gives toughness to survive in the unfavorable conditions without collapsing is considered as inspiration. The World is the place where every minute a number of incidents occur. At one corner where there is happiness, at opposite its sorrow. We never know what is going to be next. To maintain the stability of the world, inspiration is an essential analeptic. We can’t live meaningfully without encouragement in our life. Few words of encouragement can turn our day happier than previous. Life without inspiration is like flowers without fragrance. Inspiration is like a magnet which attracts us towards...

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All about Anger and how to control it in simple ways

Anger is like the medicines which give relief for some time but its side effects are seen in future. This medicine is not prescribed by any physician yet taken by everyone. Anger is an emotion which is unpleasant and occurs when people feel they are ignored or their words are taken for granted. It is seen when a person feels that he is rejected. When a person observes things going in opposite direction and he is not able to control them. He gets frustrated and starts yelling at one who comes in his contact. He is not able to...

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MOM Reflects WOW

The world is blessed with an angel whom we call as the MOM. She is the person who is given different names in different languages. She is the one who replaces god on earth. No one can describe her fully; even combination of 26 alphabets can’t express her love for us. She is the person who works 24 X 7 in the family without any holidays. She never works for her own dreams and never complains about her routine life. She is a SUPERWOMAN on this earth who can cross any boundary for us. She wakes up before us...

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