Author: Ekta Kamlani

Even After such a Life threatening incident, this person didn’t leave his passion of cycling. Know the Mind Tricks Tackled By Sports

At certain point in our life, we all feel nervous, helpless, depressed or even tired of finding solutions to our problems and then arrives a ray of hope that helps us to change everything with consistent efforts and willpower. Somewhat similar happened with Mr. Jignesh Patel, 47-year-old tennis player as well as the cyclist living in Ahmedabad; an Architect, Interior Designer and Developer by profession.  The way he tackled everything and turned every negative situation into the positive one is a quality or we can say the power of positive thinking and strong willpower that we all must learn...

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6 Teachings of Lord Shiva, you must know about.

In India, we firmly believe in God.  It is rightly said “Bhagwad Gita has the solution to all problems in life. This means whatever phase of life you are in, you can easily come out of it if you adopt the preaching given in Bhagavad Gita. In a similar manner, there are several other religious books that help us learn the “Art of Living”. Life is all about winning lost battles and this can be done wisely only if you know how to remain calm in tough situations. Today, we will learn the “Art of Living” from the popular...

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Prophet Muhammad – An inspirational soul on the Earth

As promised, we are back with some incredible qualities of Prophet Muhammad – the founder of Islamic religion as well as Quran – The holy book of Islam religion. In our previous post, we learnt how qualities of Lord Christ can help us in facing any kind of pathetic situations with courage and fearlessness. In the same way, today we are going to take a look at some of the incredible qualities of Prophet Muhammad. After all, every religious saint has something good to offer to the society and as the saying goes, we must always take virtues of...

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How Lord Brahma Encourages Us?

As per Hindu Mythology, this world is run by three rulers: Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, where Brahma is considered as the creator, Vishnu the destiny maker and Shiva – The Destroyer (in positive terms). We have heard a lot about Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. There are many management lessons that one can learn from Vishnu and many life management lessons from Shiva. But, the thing is, we have never heard anything about Lord Brahma – the creator of this universe. Does this mean there’s nothing special to learn from the great deity? Well, this can be our myth...

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How Jesus Christ Inspires Us?

So, friends in our previous blog; we saw some unique qualities of Lord Brahma, very rarely known by anyone on this earth. We saw how we can be inspired by him during our tough days and now we will see the most admirable qualities of Jesus Christ which we must adopt in our lives. So, let’s begin and learn the art of living from Jesus: How our Lord Christ inspires us? We sometimes feel that we are lost and have forgotten the right way to live the life. Sometimes, we often feel there’s an end and now there’s no...

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