Author: Himanshu Jagwani

How are we being affected by the real Ransomware Virus in our life?

I got up in the morning and like everyone else, the first thing I do is to check my phone for any missed call, email, and WhatsApp messages. Unlike other mornings , all  email and WhatsApp messages were flooded with ‘Wanna Cry virus Ransomware attack which has threatened data security over 150 countries.’ Some were aware about it while some were not, but all were busy sharing this news and I was glad to know that so many people were really worried for me that I shouldn’t end up hitting a computer virus. All major organizations and giant IT...

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How the show-off is killing us!

I was talking to one of my friend, and she was a little depressed. I asked her, “Hey! What happened? Why are you looking sad?” She said, “All my friends are getting married. You know that jhalli Anjali? She is living in UK with her husband. And you know Neha? She is in Germany. All are living their happy lives. Ek mai hi yaha per hun bore hone ke liye.” I told her, “Yaar, you belong to a very good family and as per my understanding your Dadi is a popular personality and you also belong to a Royal...

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