Author: Dhwani Koladia

Top 10 Wildlife and Nature attractions in Broome (Australia)

Australia! The name when we hear or read, we think of cricket. This country has more to it. Like every other country, this amazing country is surrounded by colorful and enchanting nature. Australia derived its name from the Latin Terra Australis meaning “southern land” (name used for the continent in the Southern Hemisphere since ancient times). Wildlife, according to Wikipedia, is referred to undomesticated animal species which includes all plants, fungi, and other organisms that grow or live wild in an area without being introduced by humans. So let’s dig into Broome. Also Read :- Most picturesque locations in...

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Most picturesque locations in Saalbach Hinterglemm (Austria)

Austria is a country for culture and hiking, for music and dancing, for skiing and après-skiing, and for drinking and eating. Here are some locations of Austria which will steal your heart. Kohlmaisbahn     Kohlmaisbahn is an exotic skiing location in Saalbach village of Austria. These snow covered mountains let you enjoy the sloppy ride and a beautiful and thrilling cable car ride with a good scenic view leaving its long lasting impression in your memories after you leave this place. Also Read:- Northeast- an unexplored paradise! a Journey that stole my heart. Giant Ice world in Werfurn,...

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Even He Feels The Pain.

Yes, you read that right. Even he feels the pain. Just because he doesn’t show it, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t feel it. You call him an alcoholic, but he is a melancholic. He shares his pain to these numerous harmful addictions. Though temporarily, but they soothe his pain. They make him forget it for a while. We females often cry out our pain, but he doesn’t. He acts to be strong, so that he can handle us. Or maybe he is so busy dealing with the problems that he doesn’t have the time to cry out his...

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The women who sell their tears :- Rudali Of Rajasthan

  Would you pay someone to cry on your loved one’s death? Doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc are some professionals we can find today. Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Event Management, etc are some professions we would like to join in. But would you ever like to be a professional mourner? Would you cry at a death of a stranger for money? Well, not today, but our Indian Culture was home to one such profession, where the lower caste ladies were hired to cry at a death by the upper class people. And such lower class women are known as ‘Rudaalis’....

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How A little break make you live your life at its fullest?

Take a break from gadgets and enjoy the life and your surroundings. “Oh crap! Power cut AGAIN?” I shouted.  “Relax. The power will be back in two hours, Mrs. Mishra told me”, Maa replied. “Two hours without power. My phone was beeping with a low battery notification. How will I pass these two long hours? Where’s the power bank Maa?” I asked her while searching for it.   “Your dad took it to the office and forgot to bring it back home”, she answered. “What the hell! I am bored. Now, what will I do for these two hours...

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