Author: Dhwani Koladia

Why do we fear that Char Log in our society?

Growing up comes with a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes you are able to fulfill them, sometimes you are not. And many a time you have to trade your dreams for the sake of keeping up with the norms of our society. There are a lot of things we want to do, but we don’t. Yes, I said we don’t, we CAN do it, but we don’t. Then, what is stopping us to do it? Failure? Yes, at times but not as much as the fear of “log kya kahenge”. It’s the char log kya kahenge that holds us back....

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Colour is not gender biased. Please keep them away from it

When red is mixed with white, the colour pink is formed. Colour red represents love as well as danger. And white is the colour of peace and purity. And they both mix together and form the colour pink, the colour of care and compassion. Pink is generally associated with women. Pink is considered feminine. People think that pink colour is only for girls. Girls love pink colour, but not all girls like it. Passion and power from the colour red softened with the purity and peace of colour white defines the colour pink. It’s the colour of romance. It...

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Turn your fears into your biggest strengths

I want to shout out loud, But then I fear how my weak body would react to my screams. I want to cry out hard and have an emotional meltdown, But I fear the emptiness inside, once all the pain shall flow out. I want to laugh out loud, But I fear, for my happiness can be short lived. So many emotions How to get them out? At times I feel like a stone, And the next moment I’ve a meltdown. I fear to show my emotions. But I don’t care about the world. I just fear for my...

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Why do we judge a person based on his/her relationship status?

It’s okay to be alone, and happy. Yes, one can find happiness in one’s own company. It’s not necessary to have someone in your life to be happy. Not everyone needs a life partner in their life to share their sorrows and joys. You can be brave enough to rule your own life instead of sharing it with someone else. Marriage is not a necessity; it’s your own choice. If you are happy with it, it’s fine. If you don’t want it, it is also fine. It’s absolutely okay to stay single and live your life on your own...

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Are we forgetting our own culture and tradition in the rat race of Western Culture and Technology

2050. “Momma, what is Uttarayan? I heard my teacher talk about it,” asked the 5 year old. “Umm…it’s a…festival!” The mum tried to answer. “What kind of festival is it?” After surfing on Google the answer to a question by a 5 year old, the 30 year old replied, “It is a festival of kites. People used to fly kites and celebrate this fest with their friends and family.” The mum answered, finally relieved. “It’s such an interesting fest. Why don’t we celebrate it?” Now pensive, the kid asked. His mum handed him a tablet to avoid further questions....

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