Author: Dhwani Koladia

Canvas – A story that strengthen the bond of daughter and father

“No, Pia, I’m not joining any art school. Is this my age to play with canvas and colours? And have you ever seen me painting? No right? Then what’s this new drama? I’m not leaving my job for this. I am not going anywhere. And that’s final!” “Tomorrow the class is at 9:00 am sharp. I’ve packed your art kit. Brushes are in the first chain. Oil paints, acrylics and pastels in the other one. Paint the world dad.” Pia was packing the bag, ignoring Shashi’s banter. “Don’t ignore me, Pia. And with whose permission did you fill out...

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A Letter to my Best Friend

Dear best friend, I am writing this to you maybe because I never had the courage to speak it. You know at a lot of times I must have blamed you for not understanding me I am sorry! Because I forgot, that if I expect you to do so even I should do it. You know that I have been a spoilsport for all the plans you made And I have a made a lot of false reasons to why I was not able to make it And yet you believed me I am sorry! I know you wanted...

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Unmask yourself and be the real you inside-out no matter what

Before blaming others for the masks they wear, remove yours and I’ll see how the world likes you? No one here shows or is meant to show their true selves to others. Because if they do, then all the world will have is hatred and fights. Friendships will no longer exist. Poems will be written about hate and not love. Hate stories will be in demand more than love stories. It’s these masks on what a relation survives today. The day you start to speak your heart or feelings exactly the way they are, you will be termed as...

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Quotes by some great souls telling us to WHERE HAPPINESS LIES

“When you’re happy and you know it And you really want to show it TAP YOUR FEET!!?” Remember dancing to this nursery rhyme back in playschool? This medley got us high on adrenalin each time we sang it. Kids need no reason to be happy. Even a small toffee can brighten up their day. And then, these kids grow up to be adults who have a weekly appointment fixed with their doctor. Complaining about little things and stressing about every matter has become a part of our lives. And in all this mess, we’ve lost out only source of...

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I am a Cartoon character myself!

I attended a public speaking contest where all the participants were given a random topic to speak on for about 3 minutes with 5 minutes of thinking time. A guy there was given a topic “what cartoon character do I resemble the most.” I wish I had this topic and that mic. So that I can put my views on it, I seriously wished that while I sat in the audience. But then, I thought if not my voice, I’ll let my words do the thing. Anyway I wanted it to reach the people. So, if had the chance...

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