Author: Anuradha S

25 signs that you Love Bollywood

‘Bollywood’ is the simple name given to the extravagant industry that has left us all spell-bound by its drama, maskas and chasakas. Whether you’re a pure Desi born and brought-up Indian, or a NRI that bonds with India only due to Bollywood, or that lovely non-Hindi speaking foreigner who watches all the Bollywood movies without even understanding a word, Bollywood is the ultimate heaven and solace to you. So, now that you know you like Hindi movies, here are the top 25 signs that will prove that you’re a Bollywood Freak, a.k.a., a person that is too into Bollywood....

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10 Ways to Feel Better About the Way You Look

We’ve always been taught never to “Judge a Book by its cover.” But I suppose that’s one of the most difficult and hypocritical statement that anyone could’ve come across. No matter how much one tries to deny the effect that outer appearances have on human beings, it’s difficult to brandish the effect totally. However, one might argue that no matter how effective the effect maybe, they’re not much long-lasting. The long-lasting impressions are made through abilities and beautiful inner-qualities. But it must also be accepted that it’s a natural human quality to fall for looks. Thus, here’s a harsh...

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South Korea is the southern peninsula of the Korean territory, also officially known as the Republic of Korea and has a rich cultural heritage to its fame. Korea has got its name from the Georyo dynasty, one of the oldest and famous dynasties in the East Asia post unification of Silla and Baelho, post 7th century. There are so many facts that will make you see it with awe, here we present the top 5 fact that distinguishes it from other countries and will make you look at it in awe. They’ve got some of the cheapest and effective...

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5 Reasons Why You Must Opt For a Degree in Yoga

Growing up in India, there are maximum chances, we at least would have heard about Yoga and its benefits. Worst, we even would have at some point been forced to attend a discourse or yoga class or workshop held in the neighborhood. Talking about the global factor, it sometimes is perceived that being Indian means you need to have a good knowledge about yoga to a certain extent. At least, theoretically, if not practically! So, growing up in India or among yoga enthusiasts who keep talking about yoga every single time, we have the highest opportunity to excel in...

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