Author: Anjula Singh Bhadauria

Spell bounding “Scotland of the East” at “The Abode of Clouds”, Shillong

Shillong, the “Scotland of the East” is a beautiful capital and hill station of a North-Eastern state, Meghalaya. It is also known as “The Abode of Clouds”. In 2016, Shillong was voted “India’s Favorite Hill Station”. It has the distinction of being located near to many famous tourist destinations including Shillong itself. Earlier Cherrapunji and now Mawsynram are the places which receive highest rainfall in India. The Asia’s cleanest village (Mawlynnong) is located at a distance of about 100 kms. Not only this, if you have time then you can visit Kaziranga National Park (famous for its one horned...

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The Art of learning something from our gurus

Education starts as soon as the child is born and if we go by various researchers on the subject it starts from the womb of mother itself. We listen to elders saying that one should loudly read good stories and listen to religious sermons during pregnancy as this puts a positive impact on the child. There is a very popular story supporting this belief which says that Abhimanyu, the child of Arjun (third among Pandav’s in Mahabharata) and Subhadra learned the art of breaking the Chakravyuh Rachna in the womb of their mother. He, later on used this knowledge...

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An unexplored Gem of India, Kohima

The Kohima city is the hilly capital of India’s north-eastern state, Nagaland and also an unexplored gem of India. Kohima was originally known as Kewhira. The name, Kohima, was officially given by the British as they could not pronounce the Angami name of Kewhira. It is called after the wild flowering plant Kewhi, found in the mountains. It is popularly known for its ten day long festival of festivals, Hornbill. It is one of the most culturally diverse states of India with 16 different tribes and each having their own language as well as the traditional dress.  Unfortunately, very...

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Annapurna of the family OR just someone who cooks?

Annapurna or the “provider of food” is a form of goddess Durga, which is worshipped. In Indian tradition, the female of the family is also considered as “Annapurna” as she is the one who is believed to have the capacity and capability to turn the raw food not just into consumable form but also into the form that suits the taste buds. With changing times, men are also stepping in their shoes but the percentage is significantly low. In addition, the men who pursue it are because they want it as a profession or hobby. They relish it and...

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Can’t you too love your parents unconditionally!

The relationship between a parent and a child is most pious and beautiful. This is what most of us feel and believe. However, now-a-days there are growing incidents where parents affection and sacrifices are put to acid test. Now-a- days, it is common to hear the well educated children leading a luxurious life to comment, “You as a parent have done nothing for me.” or questioning them, “What special have you done for me!” The irony is that children are so blunt in asking such questions, and parents are too naïve to show them the proof or rather they...

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