Author: Ananya Mitra

Suicide: Addiction or murder?

The game that is flooding the headlines of the social sites nowadays,”The Blue Whale” game, is the reason behind many innocent lives being ended. The game is a mystery for many, so my aim for writing the blog today will be clearing all those misunderstandings and revealing the mystery! 1) The first common misunderstanding that most of the people have is that this game is addictive! —Actually no! This game is not at all addictive unless you have the urge of showing how manly or daring you are. But I’m also sure that no one would get addicted to...

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Why not “One good turn deserves another” in parents case?

“My mentor, my lifeline” everybody posts on social media on mother’s day, teachers day, parents day and whatsoever day. But who actually cares and looks after them on normal days? They are always ignored by the rest of the days. In this hectic life, it’s impossible to cope up with maintaining all the relations and giving time to all. But ignoring them is a different thing. Whenever I pass across those old age homes and see aged people with hopes and sorrow in their eyes, my heart breaks deep inside. How can someone ditch their parents? The parents who...

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With whom are you going to get arranged, the in-laws or the beggars?

In India, most of the marriages are arranged because love hardly matters but the status and the ability to give and take matters. I never, in my life, understood the concept of dowry. I mean we give you our girl whom we have groomed since years and who is also getting a good fat income and we also have to give you some amount to marry her? Who are you…A beggar? The girl changes her name after that, has to adjust to the rules of the new house, stay away from her parents, gives birth with pain but gets...

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Why has corruption spread so much?

The word which we have been taught right from our childhood. Ironic, isn’t it? A place where corruption takes place the most teaches that corruption is evil. Why has corruption spread so much? Whose fault is it? Is it just the politicians, big places or rich people? No, not at all. Corruption is started right from the house itself and is practiced every day. For example, say bribing your child with chocolates to study. Though it has nothing to do with the real corruption, but it also has got side effects. The child then starts making his own rules,...

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Being a teenager, we have many thrilling experiences. Teenage is the most exciting phase of life. We are great at tackling problems whether they come expectedly or unexpectedly. As a teenager, we become so passionate about things. We get mood swings. We make many wrong decisions. Some make us regret our entire life too. This is the age where we begin to get maturity. The most normal yet worst problem is heartbreaks. We, many a, times fail to choose the correct partner. At this age, love is just all about infatuation and lust. But when do we realize that...

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