Author: Amal Parekh

What Secret Superstar has for us?

Recently launched, Secret Superstar’s trailer has already received more than 37,000 views in 2 hours. Which is quite good for a Bollywood movie, Isn’t it?! Well, I may sound like a filmy girl but I am quite critical about movies. if the trailer is good, expectations just instantly rise. But a good trailer is the one whose movie you would want to look forward to. Well, seeing more of Aamir Khan’s acting often is not his cup of tea. It’s something that comes only once a year but brings a lasting impression on all the viewer’s hearts. Maybe a...

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Why is Nepotism in Bollywood a big issue?

Addressing my readers on this topic was something I never wanted to do, but I couldn’t let such a silly but limelight topic untouched. So, keeping it short and putting my views ahead and not picking on celebrities, I guess I’ll break the silence on this topic and talk about Nepotism in Bollywood. Firstly to begin with, what does Nepotism mean and where does it apply? According to a dictionary, Nepotism is the practice, among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs. Now as a reader, you would agree to have...

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Sorry, Do I look faint hearted? No, Not anymore

Have you all ever faced a situation where there is someone that is always trying to pull you down? I don’t know if it is something each one of us goes through, but I am sure it is something many of us go through. Firstly, why is this topic under the category of ‘She’ and not ‘Social’? Yes, I agree. It could be a social issue. It is not just that a girl or a woman who faces such stuff, you aren’t any different from a man. And it is not that a boy or a man knows how...

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