Author: Amal Parekh

What Does Fear and Excitement feel like?

Have you ever experienced fear and excitement together? What did it feel like? Well, this is something I have experienced the maximum amount of times in the past one year. Do you remember your first day at school? Well, I am sure many of you don’t really remember it entirely and exactly, but many of you might remember one such incident that had happened in your first week at school. From the most aloof to the most interactive kid, every child would have that experience of fear and excitement together. I still remember when I joined the middle school,...

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She was the reason to an amazing school life!

Today I was just recalling my childhood days, my school days. How many of us actually cried in our graduation? Or cry now missing those days? Maybe we don’t cry much now, but we definitely miss all those days. Well, I was remembering how wonderful my teachers were, and that one teacher who was the reason for my day at school to pass really quickly, who always went off topic and got the period moving fast. I am sure we have all had that one teacher who would talk about her life and her ex-students whenever she would remember...

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Do morning dreams come true?

Today, instead of giving my opinions, I wish to ask you as an audience to share with me your opinion on this topic too (before you read this blog). So, do morning dreams really come true? Or is all of this superstition? Firstly, why Superstition? It could be true, right? I heard this somewhere the other day, when you translate superstition in Hindi you get the word, ‘andhavishvaas’ which in itself has the ‘vishvaas’ which means belief. When you believe something even if it is completely wrong in the eyes of the world, it will always seem right to...

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Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, A definite reason to laugh

A TV show that began its journey with a simple basic concept of Indian television with laughter, but received fame because the story were in the hands of Great thinkers. It has been ten years to Sarabhai; and as every episode finished, audience began to expect even more from the serial. But what surprises the crew and channel was that, the demand for the show raised only when the show ended. Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai was considered a normal TV show portraying the story of a middle class daughter in law and a sophisticated mother in law. But public had...

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Not an extrovert; nor an introvert. It helps to be an Ambivert!

“Which step had changed my life?” A question every young adult should ask themselves. I somewhere believe that it is very difficult for an absolute introvert to survive in this global world. It becomes nearly impossible to put your ideas in front of a huge audience when you have a phobia to even communicate with them. I was an introvert in my childhood days, not an absolute one but quite shy and an unbearable one. It was really difficult to cope up with talking to people and then sharing my perspective; even worse when somewhere I felt unsure about...

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