Author: Amal Parekh

‘I maybe a misfit in this world, or maybe the world cannot control my personality.’

Have you ever felt like you are just not made for this world, or that your personality is just not made for the places you are a part of?? Well, I personally feel this a lot of times. Sometimes the way you think is just not the way people understand and sometimes, the way you expect is just not the way the outcome looks, and sometimes you feel like to underestimate yourself just because you are not like others. I went through such situations a couple of times, where the way I think is not what really happens. Have...

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What it truly means to be a best friend?

It has been really long since I have written a blog about someone that I know. Sometimes it gets me wondering as to why would you as a reader want to know about my life or my friend circle or would want to know how I deal with things instead of giving up… Honestly, reading about someone’s life sometimes gets really monotonous. Because accept it or not, every human faces ups and downs, every human has someone important in their life. And between their own mess when they sit to read someone else stories and life lessons, it does...

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How the perspective makes a huge difference!

So as today’s technology gives you a good exposure to people’s status, many believe to just keep their status as simple as a quote. One such status that I read yesterday, ‘Not every day is a good day but there is something good in every day.’ It sort of clicked instantly. And this quote in itself is so beautiful and deep, something really simple but it still says a lot. We as humans often expect that every day of our life should be a good day. But as we grow up it is more of a disappointment with which...

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Cheers to a fabulous road trip!

Well, today’s blog is something suggested by a friend which is also something that I really wanted to write about. I guess for a person like me, friends are a very important part of our life. So obviously it has been every little kid’s dream to go on a beautiful holiday or rather an exciting road-trip with friends. I always wanted to go for a road trip in my 20’s with all my buddies. But I never figured out the details or when will it actually materialize. Today when I write to you all, it makes me ponder on...

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Hyderabad, The City of Pearls

People frequently go to Paris, London, New York, Singapore for enjoying the serene urban areas and their way of life. However, being raised in a city like Dubai, what different are these cities from Dubai? Flying out to all 29 states of India appears to be the most captivating thing every NRI should do. Where do we regularly get the chance to see a country that has rural, urban, legacy, heritage and beauty all under one rooftop? Going to the whole of India makes me feel pleased to be a part of a nation, where all societies are taken...

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