Author: Amal Parekh

Have you ever wondered what life would be without friends?

Sometimes, I wonder what life would be without friends. A depressed, sad and unaware life? Or a life, in which materialistic things would end up becoming the reason to your happiness. I have known people who have never had best friends in their life, who have grown so old with just known people around them. They have no one to sit and talk about their day and no one to express their feelings with. Childhood friends were many but none kept in touch. Such people do exist, for who materialistic happiness is what makes them forget and unable to...

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Grandpa, We still miss you – Amal Parekh

23rd November, it still holds a very important place in my life. Three years have passed but it still feels like yesterday. Like every other day, woke up early, ate food, watched television and went for classes, the day was totally indistinguishable from every other day of my life. But still that 5 seconds of sudden news left everything shattered for the rest of my life. Now 26 November has marked the day of my deepest grief. It is said that death is inevitable, But for a 14 year old girl death seemed like a dissociated factor to her...

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If you change nothing, nothing will change

I know this blog should have been one written during August, but I think it is still a good time to talk about something as simple, but important for today’s world like this. Recently or maybe not so recent, but one of the films of this year which did amazingly well on box office was Toilet – Ek Prem Katha. Honestly according to me it is one of the only bearable films that were released this year. Or else, it mostly would be hands on my forehead. This film was made with a very strong story, and people found...

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A film that made into my ‘All time Favorites’

A film that connected with this writer, maybe not entirely, maybe not even a bit did it define me. But it did have a lasting impression on me. As a writer, I always thought that writing about a movie is sort of very overrated thing or something everyone does. But I possibly can’t leave an opportunity to talk about how beautiful this film could be. A simple film, with a strong story and with very relatable songs, Dear Zindagi. Yup, I do sound like a film kid but I can’t help it. The first time when I watched this...

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At the end, only you are for yourself!

Has there ever been a time when you feel everything numb around you? When you feel too suffocated in this world? When your tears become the result of your failure or your sorrow? The only time when you need someone to rub your hands and tell you that it will all be alright soon. The feeling of being wanted is what could bury your sorrows and bring that smile on your face.   At times, I wonder how different is this world, some are so open in giving negative comments and some would be positive while talking to you,...

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