Author: Amal Parekh

An Open Letter to all those who gave up for fame

This is a blog addressing all those people who chose the wrong path, just to be a part of the fame world. If you are wondering what did you give up, read ahead to know how truly vulnerable you are now. Over time, I have realized that many people in today’s generation have forgotten to introspect in their life. People of this generation, who emphasize on age gap and mock society’s basic principle of being there for each other and to support your peers, have been retreating a lot. I still remember how important the principles were like sharing...

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A careless mistake that taught me a lot

“Ugh! Such a hot day. Need to cross 4 zebra crossings to reach that end.” Thoughts that rolled my mind today when I got out of the bus. “Walk fast, first walking signal is green.” As I crossed the first zebra. “Wait for the next two to turn green.” And I begin to cross when it turns green. Three zebras crossed, waiting for the fourth to turn green. As it turns green, I begin to walk and a huge tanker alongside a bus with a huge amount of traffic behind them begin to move towards me. “What is even...

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Music! The true ray of positivity.

Drew the curtains, made it dark. All alone at home, silence surrounds you. Ever felt that silence? Ever been in a bad mood? And in between this low mood of yours, you play a song that you wish to hum that minute. You feel locked in a certain discomfort phase with the most comfortable song. A song that you immensely connect with, you feel like to scream it loud just to calm yourself. Music isn’t an addiction always; sometimes it is a way to express your emotions. From the time you are born till your last breath, music isn’t...

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Why is Comedy Genre Underrated?

As a writer, I have been asked a couple of times to write a comedy write-up. Been a part of so many genres, it definitely is one such genre I really want to touch. Comedy is an art in itself. I have always been fan girling over comedy movies, because it is one such genre that can instantly change your mood. As an artist, it is one’s main motive to reach out to the audience in a way that keeps them entertained and makes them forget their worries at home. The basic reason for every individual to buy a...

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I am just like the other person beside you

Recently, I read this beautiful poem which had a very strong message to give, and I remembered an incident from that. I remembered how I had narrated my little diary everything that happened that day. Honestly, that was one trip which I won’t forget in my life, not that the trip or the stay was that of a great one (Actually it pretty much was) but anyways, it was the 6 hours of total traveling from one home to another. That day I learned a lesson, which will always be with me whenever I feel low. A lesson, that...

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