Author: Amal Parekh

A Night Before….An Important Day

If someone asked me to sum up how it feels one night before a big event, I’ll seriously have no words to explain enough the emotions that roll all around from your brain to your toes…the little sparks and shrivels that run all along, those numerous times you have felt butterflies in your stomach, all those moments you feel you would mess up but at the same time your mind is constantly in prayers that the day just goes well. So much excitement, So much confusion, So much tension just one night before anything is ought to happen. And...

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It may be important to acknowledge ones presence in your life

Is it important to acknowledge one’s presence in your life or is there no space for such formalities? I don’t know if I should call it a formality or a necessity or should I just say that having someone’s presence in your life and spending time talking to them is indirectly acknowledging and thanking them for the difference they have made to our lives. Honestly, I wouldn’t say that it is necessary for you to thank your best friend or anyone you are close to every day because that is obviously something that doesn’t have room for in a friendship. But...

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Aren’t we all humans, then why can’t we live in Peace?

So the only time when I really thought about this topic was like 3 days ago, unfortunately, it took me a little more time to convey this message to you all too. I began reading posts and blogs related to peace and brought to my notice that there is hardly anyone who has actually witnessed and understood what it feels like to be in peace. As the heading highlights, you may be thinking that I would be talking about peace around the world today, but no. I want to talk to you all about the peace that has disappeared...

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Being Quirky, Being in Fashion

So for all those readers who have willingly turned to this page reading the title, this is basically a simple and short blog on what fashion and style actually mean to me. For people who have known me for a long time, have very different views on my fashion sense. Some consider me a fashion icon of the group and some feel that my fashion sense could be a little more updated. I know it is a pretty weird topic to talk about, but it is one topic many girls look forward to reading. Yes, like many reputed fashion...

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Who are you to say that you give up?

Recently, I read this beautiful line which left me numb. I know it is just a sentence or a phrase but it is not just an amalgamation of five to six words, it is something that leaves a lot of emotions behind and welcomes new thoughts in our lives.   “Make even death struggle to snatch life from you.” – Anonymous   Honestly, WHY?! Why do you lose hope so quick, why do you feel like life is just too tough to deal with? What difference are you going through compared to others in this world? Right now you...

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