Author: Alekhya Sana

To girls, Live your life the way you want it to be!

Girls should be covered up, stay at home, mustn’t talk to strangers, never look at men, learn all household chores, dress up as per parents and society choice, worry about others and then adapt accordingly. Parents try to protect on all grounds. On other hand, policies come up like protect girl child, make her study, and look for her safety, lastly empowerment… Are these really taking on a positive side?? The girl born – female infanticide. Girl grows – Molestation, abuse, human trafficking even rape. Teenage – Restrictions, overprotective, Rape, Silence, Trapped, kidnapped, tortured, prostitution, drug addicts etc. Adult,...

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LIVE each day like it’s the best gift!

We live from day 1 with so many strings attached. We have a family, as we tend to grow, we start our own family. Half of the time goes in pleasing, listening, following, managing etc. But are we actually living?? To derive the actual essence of living is when and where you start finding it and try in completely creating it. What’s so important? Why do we need to focus? Why has it become the need of the hour? We think that what we do makes us happy but in reality, it’s not the case. We live with inner...

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To love or not to love?

Many a time we don’t know when we fall in love, everything becomes so unpredictable.  It gives great feeling at times, leaves us in dark and is confusing sometimes. Each one of us falls in love, once or more in a lifetime. The fear of failure should not make you worry. We get many proposals from the time of our adolescence, some may be flirty, few may be infatuation and some might come in various forms of friendship and some with possessive love and much more. How long does this love stay for?  Will it be the same even...

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Friendship is a bond that carves your life, makes you experience, learn, prepares you for new challenges

A Friend and friendship can be the best thing that happens in one’s life. One cannot exist without a friend. That friend can be a person, book or even a pet. In any form, it serves the same emotion and affection. It’s how you give attention and gain love out of it in return. When you give 100%, the same thing reciprocates back to you. We come across certain people in our lives, some become closer for a while, others come and stay with us for lifelong.  Any relationship has a strong base of trust and supportive nature, love...

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We are born for a reason, we grow for a reason, we bleed for a reason, we love, we marry, and we give birth for a reason

Beauty filled everywhere.Without us, it is nowhere. Our presence cannot be everywhere but it can be felt anywhere. We are the reason of existence. We are the powerful identity and cannot be determined as a substance. We are projected as delicate, sensitive, beautiful, shy, soft spoken and weak. But we have a hidden us, deep inside, which only gets tapped when harmed, hurt and when we are treated in a wrong way, hampering our identity and self-respect. In this polluted world, trust is rare and when we talk or demand about safety people make fun, laugh or even stare....

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