Author: Akshay Undare

9 things that define you as an Entrepreneur.

Now most of us may have came across with the term ‘start-up’. It sounds good than the word ‘dhanda’. Everything sounds better in English, doesn’t it? Now come to another word, (no we are not going to have a vocabulary session today) Entrepreneur. A noun which is being stuck to every head who is doing business. It is an impressive term, isn’t it? Like when your relatives ask you, ‘What are you doing these days?’ ‘I’m an entrepreneur’. ‘Ohh.. continue, continue, best aa.’   The speechless relatives that everyone likes. But before pouring this difficult word in everyone’s ear,...

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Do’s and Don’ts in a teen age!

I know writing about your own self on a public platform is like being naked in public. It’s a little bit, the very big-little, awkward. But as someone said, perhaps me, that writing is not all about an exercise to demonstrate your writing ability and show off  how your little brain has been occupied by grammar rules and scary vocabulary; it’s all about telling stories (about yourself, family or your friends. You can include your gf/bf as well; it doesn’t matter as long as you are an engineer.) sharing experiences, your past so that it could help other’s future....

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9 lessons of a failed Entrepreneur

  When three unemployed people met at a tea stall, we wondered, “What could happen over a cup of tea?” Usually a discussion over a politic reform and economic boom in India, or of intolerance in the market and environmental scenario going on! It was a nation but more than that of self-interest; will the next door girl, who looks like Disha Patani, give us attention? Or should we hit the gym and start eating eggs and dozens of bananas to be a Tiger Shroff, either? But that day unknowingly a company was born. While having the gutter class tea, an...

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Unemployment can be a boon. How? “Five reasons you should know”

Unemployment can be a boon for you. How? Just go through it. ‘Hey, what’s the plan?’ I got a text from a girl who was my classmate. Boys have very few moments to celebrate, and receiving a text from a girl, is one of them. ‘Since JIO stopped its free service I opted to Vodafone, 10 GB per month.’ I replied. ‘Ahh, I was asking about career plans.’ She didn’t forget to add some smilies after the sentence.   It was like; those emojis seemed to laugh at me. I went into an awkward silence as she already had...

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“Dear Aunties and uncles; listen to young India.”

Read the story of a tiff between Young India and elder India. The gulab jamun had just landed on her tongue but one could sense that her face wasn’t appreciating the delicious taste of it. She gulped the whole round jamun saying ‘get married?’ As her parents had brought their very favorite subject in the middle of the dinner. “You are 25. You should get married.” Her heart stopped beating for a while (don’t think of it, it can’t happen) when she heard the word marriage. “But I want to be an entrepreneur”, she said giving a look to...

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