Author: Kr Aayush

NO : Not a word yet a sentence

Bestowing someone with a yes is the most pleasant thing that you could do. But that wouldn’t be helpful for you to sit back and enjoy life to its fullest. Sometimes instead of bringing a yes into their happiness, we need to bring upon a “NO” for our happiness. It sounds awkward? Agreed! It sounds rude? Agreed! But you need to understand that sometimes saying no is the right thing to do. Maybe just for you or maybe for the sake of the betterment of the other person as there are times when a person cannot differentiate between what...

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Silence – the weapon to protect or the sword to pierce?

The ocean has sometimes been the violent savior for ships and boats while for times, it silently grabs the anchor and let the boats die beneath. This is what silence can achieve. A matter of words can sometimes be a matter of silence while the situation gets better only with the latter. But sometimes in our life, there comes positions where we can’t understand how to react? The argument between friends or the words in family; all of them give us two options in the end. One is to speak and keep your point precisely while the other lets...

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Siblings – Your life’s best friend!

The love that one lives by is not only confined in the partners. It is not only a dream of your girlfriends or your boyfriends to offer you love that can carve a big smile on your face. Sometimes these little things are cherished by people that we often forget in our path. Our parents, our friends and sometimes our siblings. Siblings are the blessings that we are supposed to live a life with. They are the loveliest yet the disastrous mate of ours. For very little occasions, we ever realize their importance. Unless and until any festival that...

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Know the Life Management Rules!

Importance, Prioritize or the Willingness to perform a job is said to be very easy to figure out. You need nothing else, than a working mind to just plan out ranks for jobs that you have to do all around the day. But, if it would have been so simple then, everyone would have been happier and no one might have complained about the little time that you get. Your life is not so little that the time will get short. But the planning that you’re supposed to plan for your life will either get it longed or shortened....

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Is Nepotism perfect for a society to grow in a world?

Like every diamond breaks into a finer and shinier diamond likewise happens in humans. The son of a modest father is most probably thought to be modest himself. There comes an exception where we find two opposites in a single heredity chain. But sometimes, only due to the assumption that every diamond gives a diamond, we forget that platinum is somewhere lost among them. An engineer father teaches his son to be an engineer. A doctor teaches and expects his daughter to be only of his kind. But is this nepotism perfect for a society to grow in a...

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