Sharing is Caring-

Has there ever been a time when you feel everything numb around you? When you feel too suffocated in this world? When your tears become the result of your failure or your sorrow? The only time when you need someone to rub your hands and tell you that it will all be alright soon. The feeling of being wanted is what could bury your sorrows and bring that smile on your face.  

At times, I wonder how different is this world, some are so open in giving negative comments and some would be positive while talking to you, would enjoy being in your company but when you wouldn’t be around them, the peer pressure would make them speak negatively about you.


And then, there are some people on earth who think that you need to change yourself to this world and stop living in a bubble and then there are people who don’t care about others feel or say but just care for you, who just want to constantly see the smile that you are showing your reflection right now.

The feeling of just being yourself is somewhere getting lost in this competition of who can roast the best or who can be the most sexist on earth. The thought that you are a feminist but can’t stop yourself to succumb to the peer pressure the society puts on you.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to make fun of your own friendship just to having a good seat in the circle of society. And then there are some people who tell you that, you have to be a part of this world, however strong are your principles you need to bend yourself down because living in a bubble is what keeps you in the target list of the world.

Bend so that you can’t be seen, if not then your life will be their joke.

And it’s been 3 years hearing these sort of words almost every day, and still I wake up every morning with a sense of contentment not because I have someone with me but because I have myself with me, because I have woken up to a day where I can live my life and where I can be myself even under peer pressure.

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It sometimes isn’t about being in a bubble; it sometimes is just to remind yourself how to have strength in the life you want to live. It is to remind you that the diamond doesn’t crack even under heat. It is to teach you to not bend down but to look up because you belong there.

Let life be tough, let people speak behind you because that is where they belong to, behind you. If they had to break you then they would have done that long back…knowing that you’re alone but full of strength is why they prefer to break you emotionally.


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Sharing is Caring-