Sharing is Caring-

So the only time when I really thought about this topic was like 3 days ago, unfortunately, it took me a little more time to convey this message to you all too.

I began reading posts and blogs related to peace and brought to my notice that there is hardly anyone who has actually witnessed and understood what it feels like to be in peace. As the heading highlights, you may be thinking that I would be talking about peace around the world today, but no.

I want to talk to you all about the peace that has disappeared away from your hearts.

Peace is often misunderstood as happiness. Yes, being happy is definitely a very positive emotion but being in peace is a narrower concept. Just being happy can’t make you feel peaceful.

If I was to offer you all the wealth I possess, you would be happy and would probably be on cloud nine, but you wouldn’t be in peace.

If I was to grant you all the wishes you would have ever asked for, you would be glad to have witnessed your wishes coming true but you wouldn’t have been in peace even after that.

I won’t emphasize the fact that humans are greedy. But just throwing light over the thought that humans can never be contented with what they have. They want for more is like a running need in everyone. And for sure every time you feel the need for more, you can not be in peace.

Moving on to the next aspect of peace, calmness brings Peace. It is easy to say that being away from trouble can give you at most peace. Honestly, it doesn’t. Because as I highlighted above, human always needs more and when there is no trouble, they don’t directly invite pain but they attract the attention of those around which indirectly does hurt them in the long run.

So you can’t be in peace in a place where there is no trouble because peace is an emotion where you need no attention.

Like someone said rightly, “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of the things and still be calm in your heart.”

And if you ever feel that peace is that non-reachable pinnacles, then you are wrong.

Peace is being among and around loved ones. Peace is when you are in comfort with people who mean a lot to you, be it family, friends, mentors etc. Peace is when YOU feel contented at heart.

Sharing is Caring-