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Most of the girls in this world are upset because of their body. Some think that they are too fat, some think that they are too skinny, some worry about their skin color while others worry about the acne on their face. All that matters to them is their physical appearance. According to those people, the definition of beauty is physical attractiveness and for them to be physically attractive one has to be fair skinned, slim, etc. They think that slim body is equal to being fit and fair skin is equal to being beautiful.

I know it’s not your fault, you were told about it, told about the princess who got a prince charming because she had a pretty face, she was beautiful and fair skinned. They never taught us how beautiful dusky skin can be, how cute a fat person is. It is the SOCIETY who creates misconceptions and fairy tales like these. They create tales that hurts people and makes them insecure about themselves. It is the society who is guilty and it is the society that sucks, not you.

One day I was going through some magazines and I was so happy to find articles relate to being confident no matter what, and brown and proud but the happiness didn’t last very long. As I was flipping pages there in the same magazine I found one advertisement of a fairness cream fair and lovely. Just below that there was written something like fairer skin for better opportunities. I was shocked. Actually it is okay to advertise fairness cream but their slogan, I mean how is fairer skin related to achieving better opportunities. This fact haunted me for days and days. How can people be so selfish? Just because they want to promote and sell their product, how can they blame our skin color, our body shape for not getting marriage proposals and job opportunities?

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Being skinny, dark, being fat or being YOU is unique.[/perfectpullquote]

It’s special, different than others. It describes you, your beauty, your uniqueness and I must tell you there is nothing wrong in being you. You actually need to prove them wrong by being confident. This will not only change people’s cheap mentality but this will also stop those unnecessary fairness cream promotions. And to all those dusky people you need to be really happy you know why? Because there are people in foreign countries who spend so much of money on tan creams. The problem is with this society.


I know it’s hard to change people’s mentality but my friend you need to know that change doesn’t occur in a single day. There is this famous quote that says “When you aren’t experiencing a single problem in a day, you can be sure that you are travelling in a wrong path”.

Also people will love you and respect you only if you start loving yourself. If you criticize and hate yourself then how can you expect the people to love yourself the way you are? So accept the way you are, and embrace you. You know dark skin is so lovely; people love dark colors like black and brown then why not dark skin. Also people misunderstand a slim body for a fit body. Many people have misconceptions about a fit body. Being slim is not necessarily being fit. Fat is cute although you need to be healthy but that doesn’t mean you go on bashing people who are fat and criticize them!

Love yourself the way you are. Sooner or later people will understand, till then fight for yourself, most importantly fight for what is right because change begins from home.


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Sharing is Caring-