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Women have been discouraged to follow their dreams and live their life according to their wish in this world and especially in the type of the society that you and I live in.

“You can’t do that”, “It’s the men’s job”, “A woman’s job is to cook and keep her family happy”,

is all what we have been hearing and practicing since a long time. In our society, a woman is born to ‘cook’ and keep her family happy. Her role in the family is just to fulfill their stomach’s demand and nothing more. She isn’t even allowed to keep her opinion in the family but she needs to keep them happy.

Are we caged birds?

From a very young age, I was told to keep shut when men were talking. I was told to learn how to cook, because that was one of the major qualifications that I needed to get married in a ‘good’ family.

Dad always told me that a woman should always be in her limits. Mom told me that a woman’s family is not a part of her life but it is her life. We are expected to do the household chores, cook, and when I asked my mum WHY, she said it’s our job, our duty. So from all of this I got the message at an early age that we, women are caged birds.

Yes, caged birds because we can do a lot in our life, we can fly really high BUT they have limited our opportunities just like the caged birds.

One day I said to mother that I don’t want to get married and telling her that was the biggest mistake I had done in my life. She made me realized how weak I was in this society. She made me realize how ‘Aurat jaat’ doesn’t have the right follow her dreams, voice her opinion and how she has to be dependent on her husband all her life.

Is this really true? Keeping my family satisfied and myself miserable is my real job? Are we really caged birds?


I, a woman, have as much freedom as you do, my dear gentlemen. I am not born to cook nor am I born to be the maid of your family in the name of wife. I also have a dream, a dream to fulfill, success to achieve. I have the freedom of choice, the freedom to decide whether to marry or not. And to my dear parents just because you have raised me doesn’t mean that you have the power to rule over my life. I do have the freedom to choose. To lead my life the way I want.

Because I am not your caged bird but a free woman.


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Sharing is Caring-