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Recently, we witnessed Teacher’s day, well not so recent though but a sweet and special event I was in charge for, once again. It felt great how everyone brought ideas forward as to how special and recognized should this day be for our teachers. While spending like 1600+ messages on the council group, everyone was quite excited about the first event after school re opens.

And when everyone was all relying for good ideas on Google, somewhere nothing really interesting captured any of our minds, until when a girl messaged on the group giving a suggestion which I found quite interesting. She put forward her thought of how about giving apples to teachers?

teacher's day

And we all had this one thought in mind, though no one really spoke up, but everyone wondered what was the connection of apples with teachers? And there goes the head girl, where she puts forward her question or rather the question in every mind that time, why would we give apples to teachers? And the reply to which was that it has some association which I don’t really know.

Well, to be honest, even I didn’t know what connection apples have with teachers. We went to Google and typed “Happy Teachers Day” and found out that the girl did have some truth in what she said. Every picture or even every card that showed up that moment did have a sweet wish with apples, in some, it was green and in some it was red…But there were apples in every picture that I saw that day.

And I thought to myself, weren’t back to school posters even having apples on them?! That is when I got really curious to know why apples are so involved with school life.


And to my surprise and I’m sure something many of you don’t know, It is a Denmark and Swedish tradition followed by the poor to offer their teachers baskets of apples as a payment for their education.

But a question that still arises to my mind is that why apples and no other fruit?

That was mainly because, as poor students they came from a farming background which in the time of 19th Century was mainly based on staple food.

There were 2 main staple foods, potato used as food and apples generally as drinks.

So, why not potatoes?

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The reason to this were precisely two, one being the old written stories of Adam and Eve and the conception that the tree of knowledge was an apple tree and the other being that Apple cider was a safer and more healthy drink as compared to the others.

It is amazing how sometimes such small and insignificant things in pictures can say a lot.
Bringing the old traditions forward, it is always a healthy and a good option to offer your teachers an apple as a symbol of thanking them for all the support and love they have showered on you.


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Sharing is Caring-