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Annapurna or the “provider of food” is a form of goddess Durga, which is worshipped. In Indian tradition, the female of the family is also considered as “Annapurna” as she is the one who is believed to have the capacity and capability to turn the raw food not just into consumable form but also into the form that suits the taste buds.

With changing times, men are also stepping in their shoes but the percentage is significantly low. In addition, the men who pursue it are because they want it as a profession or hobby. They relish it and indulge into it not because they have to but because they want to. There is a lot of difference between “have to” and “want to”.

There are numerous families where, the lady of the house has to cook even when she is severely ill or not comfortable with cooking. They have to do it either due to compulsion or because they are not left with any other choice or they extract more joy in feeding their family rather than paying heed to their own health & family’s negligence towards the same. Whatever may me the reason, the situation is grave and it does affect the psychology of the female as frequently as, on an every-day basis.


It is the price that this Annapurna has to pay because of the deep rooted mindset of the civil society. I am especially mentioning civil because I have seen a huge difference between the mindset of men in defence fraternity and their civil counterparts. I am proud to say that the women in defence are given unparallel respect. They are considered Annapurna in truest sense. Whenever there is any get together, the females are given the privilege of picking up the plates first and eating the first morsel of food.

However, what is seen in the civil society is very disheartening.

There are innumerable ladies who have spent half of their lives by cooking in the kitchen and satisfying the taste buds of the family. The irony is that most of these Annapurna’s are not even given the privilege to sit together and eat. They are expected to provide fresh chapattis and wait till the family has consumed the food. In some instances, they might get the honor of eating together with the family but only after their daughter-in-law steps in their shoes and thus the history repeats again. Most men seek this as their birthright and some do not make any efforts to make a change.

There have been a number of times that this Annapurna has to sleep hungry because the person whom she fed, by default think that she has eaten. They don’t even bother to cross-check. The generosity and the giving attitude of most of the females have been taken for a ride, innumerable times. I cannot say that only males are responsible for this sad plight of women; rather the other females are equally or probably more responsible because they have travelled the same road, still fail to understand or are unwilling to understand. They also do not want to bring a change.

It is therefore my sincere effort to ring the bells of the entire family including husbands, fathers, daughters, sons, mother-in-laws, father-in-laws and other family members who have either failed to notice or not willing to take a note of the Annapurna of their house. Believe me, even the Goddess Annapurna will shower the family with happiness and positivity on the family that cares to acknowledge her ‘ansh’. Time is just right to open your eyes and look around before it’s too late: – “Is your Annapurna going to sleep hungry again today?”


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Sharing is Caring-