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Anger is like the medicines which give relief for some time but its side effects are seen in future. This medicine is not prescribed by any physician yet taken by everyone. Anger is an emotion which is unpleasant and occurs when people feel they are ignored or their words are taken for granted. It is seen when a person feels that he is rejected.

When a person observes things going in opposite direction and he is not able to control them. He gets frustrated and starts yelling at one who comes in his contact. He is not able to realize his guilt until his frustration is over.

Due to his anger, he only hurts himself but to all those who are close to him. His aggressive nature spoils his image that he had created with endless efforts in the society. It takes years to build the positive image and few seconds to spoil it. It’s very difficult to regain the good image after spoiling it.

Anger is dreadful for your health. It can increase your blood pressure level and also affects the brain. It also affects your relations with your close ones by reducing the smoothness of the relations. It sometimes brings relations to an end. Your words used in frustration might destroy the beauty of your relations. Relations are very delicate, you need to decorate it with love and care, don’t allow your anger to spoil it.

Many times you get angry on small matters. For instance, while going to college or office, you are stuck in traffic and are unable to reach to time. In this situation, you get angry as you are stuck in the mid. Instead of getting angry in this situation, you can try to manage your timing.

When you are in problem and are not able to find its solution, you get frustrated. You should always remember that problems are solved by staying calm, not by getting aggressive. Your anger will not solve your problem but will increase them.

How To Control Your Anger?

If you really want to control your anger, try some of these tips. Use them in your day to day life before anger cages you in its prison.

1. Physical Activities

Whenever you get angry, try to avoid the situation by walking out from that place. You should move from that place and try to remain alone. Instead of staying there and making the situation worse, involve yourself in activities like reading books or magazines, listening music, going for a walk, by playing games on cell phone etc.

It will help you to divert your mind from the situation. Even try to add exercises in your day to day life; it will help you to refresh your mind. Try to vomit out your frustration while exercising. Physical activities will help you to remain active and to keep your mind stable. In anger our brain stops thinking, so to maintain its stability with physical activities.

2. Diary Writing

You might be having a habit of writing a diary at night. Apart from it, try something different. When you are not able to control your emotions and not able to find solutions to your problem, you get aggressive. Instead of showing anger on others, you should take a diary and start writing whatever comes to your mind. You should continue writing until you are not satisfied. Let your feelings and emotions flow with your ink.

You are free to express your feelings in this diary without any hesitation. No one will stop you from penning down your emotions. When you feel you are done, close your diary and keep it aside. No need to open it and think about the matters, just move back to your routine. When your diary is full after a number of words, you needn’t read it. Take the diary and burn it. By doing this you will feel good and relaxed. Try to make it a habit of writing diary whenever you feel uneasy.

3. Imagination

When you feel that you are not able to control anger and you need to speak out. Try to do this activity before speaking anything. You should close your eyes for a minute and try to imagine the situation when you will speak out and also imagine the situation when you will avoid speaking.

After imagining, compare both situations and think for a while. You will be able to visualize the situation in front of your eyes and ultimately you will get your answer. You should always think twice before uttering harsh words. Your few harsh words can turn happy day into a sad day. Your words can change the healthy atmosphere into unhealthy. Always use your imagination and take steps, it will guide you in right directions.

4. Meditation

You are well aware of the benefits of meditation. Start your day with 5-10 minutes meditation. It will help you to improve the functioning of your mind. Meditation will help you to remain calm and polite. It will reduce your stress level. It will guide you to control your emotions and ultimately you will find the solutions to your problems.

Meditation will also improve your health and will also help you to make the fresh new beginning of a day without any stress. You have to give 5-10 minutes for your inner peace and it will brighten your day. You should add it to your routine to lighten your day with positive thoughts.

5. Forget and Forgive

Life is a show in which you will meet different characters. Some will come while some will go away. You never know who is going to stay with you or not. If someone has hurt you with their harsh words or actions, it doesn’t mean you do the same. You never know when they will feel guilty for their wrong deed. You should not spoil yourself by behaving in an ill manner. You should not hold grudges in your heart.

By holding grudges, you are increasing your unnecessary stress which will lead you to the wrong path. You should forget the situations and even forgive the people. Nothing is going to be perfect by holding grudges and inviting problems in life. You should take those moments as the bad chapter of the life and forget the situations. Life is full of ups and downs. If you will hold on yourself in one situation, you will not be able to enjoy your life. So, you should forget everything and should move on.

Anger is an emotion which gives satisfaction for few minutes and regrets in future. If you learn to control your anger, you will learn to control the worst situation in your life. When you will express your words in anger, things will become complicated instead of becoming proper. Anger is like hot water which burns when we pass through it. Anger will remove the joys and love from your heart.

To live a healthy life, you should avoid anger and should try to stay away from frustrating situations. If you want that people should understand your words, then try to speak same with politeness instead of frustration.

You should try to control this disease before it becomes dangerous for your health by trying above given tips.

You have heard about practicing in front of a mirror for anchoring. Now you can also try to manage your anger by bursting out in front of a mirror. You can speak everything whatever comes to your mind, continue speaking you feel thirsty. When your soul will get satisfaction, and smile will come on your aggressive face. You will forget your anger and will laugh by seeing your own facial expressions. Try this, it’s funny but interesting.

We are living in the world, where we get aggressive on small matters. If we avoid it, life will become more happy and healthier than the present.

Whenever I am not able to control my anger I just take out my pen and diary and start showing my anger using words. I feel relaxed by doing this activity as it gives relief to my mind and heart both.

What are you doing to control your anger?

If you are doing any of these activities then start doing it and share your results with us.  


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