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An open letter to all the men I know, I’ve been around or I know exist!

Dear “depicter of manliness”;

Amidst the quotes and messages that read;

“Men don’t cry”

“Pink is not a colour for men”

“You’re a man, stop being dramatic”

“All men towards the left because women are always right”


“Guys are supposed to plan dates and proposals”

“Stop acting like a girl”

“Guys don’t click too much selfies”

“You’re a man and men aren’t supposed to be so conscious about skin”

“Moochh nahi toh kuch nahi”

“Guys are supposed to take the first move”

I wish to tell you something:

There are absolutely no standards that you need to follow to fit in this world.

I just hope you’ve finally stopped looking out if people are staring at you when you’re subconsciously admiring that pink shirt.

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I remember the time when you waxed your leg and in a mere excitement enunciated the experience only to face embarrassment. I just wanted to know if you’re over it. Also, while we’re at it, I want to apologize for having a little laugh in it. I was too naive to empathize then.

Now, each time I feel rain drops on my palm, they prick like needles reminiscent of your tears. I can never be perceptive about what you might’ve gone through, when those tears dripped down your cheeks amidst the baseless verdicts of the society. I just want you to know that expressing emotions, falling weak at your knees or crying in front of anyone doesn’t make you infirm. It just adds to your strength and your ability of being your own self.

I wanted to know if you finally let go of that girl who expected a bit too much from you. A bit too much of first moves and special outings. A bit too much of herself and a little bit of you didn’t really make a beautiful couple. As clichéé as it may sound, “You deserve so much more than just planning”.

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Whilst the world is pushing you down under the name of feminism, questionable superiority, worthless definitions of weakness and valueless judgments, I just hope you have your own flexible definition of being “OKAY”. Okay with crying, okay with choosing pink over blue, okay with loving cooking, okay with not willing to work like other men, okay with not having the perfect beard. Okay with not being okay.


~Yours, “a girl trying to be commiserative about your feelings”.


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Sharing is Caring-