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The Big B of Bollywood turns 75 years today, on 11th October. This star has an endless number of successes and flops and yet today, he is the most favorite actor of our film industry. It is said that at the beginning of his career, he had given 11-12 continuous flops. His journey only began, afterward. But one wonders, what held his hope together? What made him keep going?

This man of class today, actually never wanted to become an actor. He wanted to do engineering and serve the air force of India. Well, as we all know now, things didn’t go as planned by him. He planned big but his life wanted him to be even bigger!

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Amitabh Bachchan tried to go to All India Radio but was rejected for his voice. Now, this can be interesting, because he has given his voice for many Bengali films. He has even given his voice in Satyajeet Ray’s movie.

When we wonder how great he is, and what not he has, one has to keep in mind, that even the Big B now, earned only 500 bucks as a salary then! He switched jobs, once twice, many times. Before going for his first movie in Bollywood, his last salary was only 1680 bucks. For his first film, he was paid a mere amount of 1000 bucks!

Amitabh Bachchan

This great actor has worked today, in both Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies. People know him worldwide. While shooting for a movie in Afghanistan, he was served like a King! The army of Afghanistan was stood for his security. This very well explains how famous he is. He has been seen in the movie, The Great Gatsby where he is seen working with Leonardo Di Caprio.

In Bollywood, all the people of India are said to be fans of him. He is like a God to many. People are seen going near his house where he waves at them. It is like a wish of the eternity for some people. He has worked in movies like Zanjeer, Kabhi Khushi Khabhi Gham, and many more.

He has played many significant roles in all his films. That is why people love him so much. He has played major double roles in his films that no artist has ever played. In one film, he has even played the triple role!

This star gives a boost to us by the way he has risen from his ashes and built an empire. He is today the God of many and an inspiration to all. He is a wave of positivity. He teaches us that success starts with many failures.

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Sharing is Caring-