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The word conveys a lot all at one go. To the initial usage, it brings in images of youth, clueless yet aspiring, frustrated yet imaginative, in darkness but fresh, disturbed but some very composed and capable of solving their own problems whereas others a little lost but eventually successful in finding their way out.

Honestly,this is not just an age group but a phase, the beginning of a journey when they start growing into individuals who discover themselves and the world around them, learning to make choices and live with it, being accountable to oneself,taking charge of one’s own actions and above all building up their own world which is far from reality and rests on a pedestal carved by their own thoughts,dreams and creative imagination.

This idea has a much broader understanding than all notions that just explain a part of the whole. Saying the word brings a lot on our mind especially things happening around us that we can almost visualize – some pleasant while most of the others not as it conveys aggression, depression, violence and negative vibes.

Well, this is what it appears apparently on the surface, but to have a better idea, let us peek into this phase of life in a little detail.

Those undergoing this stage have a lot going on in their mind – confusion regarding certain crucial decisions, insecurities, inability to express themselves and the feeling of not being understood, not being able to keep up with expectations, mixed emotions which they themselves are greatly unaware of,reciprocating emotions, especially through speaking, trying to fit in and some fears which govern them and which they try hard to overcome. 

There are good things, the best things, hardest things and the things in between. It is the way we perceive “teenage” as we view this stage differently.

Teenagers experience various situations which shapes their perception of the world,strengthening their beliefs and opinions. To begin with , circumstances have to be considered in an unbiased manner to accept individuals the way they are.

So judging someone on the basis of behavior that has been observed just for a few times,is highly unfair as it denies us to know the person, his/her actions and the reason behind.

For those stepping into teenage and having new encounters, facing certain issues might be initially challenging but at the same time, they’ll learn to live in it during the process.

With the passage of time, teenage might turn into a social concern. This is due to the fact that teenagers are facing certain issues that are very intense and these might change their outlook of the world. They may start thinking differently and viewing simple things with a complex point of view and vice versa.

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Often there are difficulties like communication gap, mood disorders, behavior problems, difficulty in problem solving or decision making, family troubles,trust issues, inability to open up with someone, frequent stress and losing hope or the ability to see beyond the immediate.

Insecurity ,depression are also not far from teenage nowadays.  So, things don’t remain within the periphery of personal troubles.  Some resort to smoking, taking drugs or alcohol which indicates self harm.

Honestly,depression is caused by some external reason which at the moment controls the individual who often unable to come out from the situation develops a suicidal tendency, something very shocking. So just imagine something external having the power to influence an individual to give up their life. It seems, well no, it is disturbing. The thought itself terrorizes me.

Not just a few individuals are getting affected by the negative aspects of this phase as the negative attracts easily at times. As a result, many take rash decisions and in the process end up developing a scar for life.

To take a peek into the lives of these youngsters, interact with them wholeheartedly, and within the duration of the conversation getting an insight into their feelings,actions should be the goals of adults. They should not forget that they have also been through this maybe sooner or long ago.

Things might not have been similar as times were different. Communicating with teenagers is a far better option to clear all existing doubts regarding this age group than to have faith in preconceived notions that tend to generalize things and complicate it further. How society perceives the behavior of teenagers is subjective but what needs attention is finding out how things can be dealt with more effectively.

Through conversation it is easier to get some clarity of opinion about what they are facing. Often an inferiority complex builds up within them as they’re constantly compared to some other teenager at school, home or even outside with the tag of “perfect”. They try hard to convince themselves to adjust or “fit in” to their surroundings. It can often be hard to get their own space, a necessity for them.

Coming out of clichéd opinions would actually open mental windows of adults to put themselves in the teenagers’ shoes.

Adults too have their own opinions about this phase of life and how these adolescents should behave. But they shouldn’t burden these people with their expectations  because this leads to the beginning of the end. End of hope, end of faith, end of belief, end of relations, end of self identity ,  and what follows doesn’t  count as good consequences.

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Let there be no barriers or walls for them. Give them support, love, care, affection and try to understand these beings who undergo a complete metamorphosis, try to be their friend now before they lose their innocence and you become a complete stranger.

So let us not define or even better label these young minds in a way that undermines them or creates self doubt in them. Let this journey through their teen years be  slightly pleasurable and memorable,something they can cherish till much longer. Once the adults do their part, the rest will all fall into place.

Sharing is Caring-