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Happiness is a feeling which brings satisfaction in one’s life. When a thirsty crow finds water and drinks it up to his satisfaction is happiness for him. Any Positive incident that gives great relief to you is happiness. It can’t be measured by any equipment; it can only be expressed with different gestures. It is a feeling of continuous positive vibes which leads you towards betterment.

As flowers are considered as the beauty of a garden, happiness is considered as the beauty of life.

This beauty can’t be purchased, it can be planted with joy, interest, pride etc.

Everyone desires to live a happy life. Life without happiness is like a barren land which is useless. Have you ever thought why happiness is important? Can you imagine your existence without happiness? Let’s try to find out solutions to some questions and relate the same to your life.

Why is happiness important in our life?

Happiness is an energy tonic which helps you to live a life full of smoothness. It guides you in right path. If you wish to achieve something in your life, you have to remain happy. You have to find happiness in small acts; these small acts will guide you towards your goals. Achievement of goals means happiness. You all are well aware of the secret of success that lies in small actions. When a student plays well in a school football team, he is motivated to give his best for competition levels. This motivation helps him to give best in outer competitions and ultimately he shines brightly. Nothing can be compared with his feeling of being happy at that moment.

Happiness can pilot you towards a meaningful life. Happiness is important to face the dark phases of life without collapsing. By finding the happiness in worse situations, you can get its solution too. It gives strength to fight for the rights. It shows that life can be hard but not rude.

Happiness is like a fuel which helps to live a tranquil life. It is an abstract term, which can’t be seen physically. Happiness is also called as a sign of positivity. If you are happy, you will attract positive things. People, who give significance to happiness in their life, are always successful in their life.    

Happiness plays a vital role to live a life full of achievements and gives satisfaction. Being sad will only give you negative thoughts and vibes but happiness will rule you to move in the path that is filled with limitless achievements.

Happiness is a word which means a state of being happy. Can you define your happiness? You might be thinking which type of question is it? Let’s try to find the answer to it.

Why is happiness difficult to define?

Definitions of happiness differ from person to person. It depends on person’s demands. You can define materialistic things but you can never define feelings and emotions.

When a baby gets up after a sound sleep, he searches his mother. If the mother is not present there, he starts crying bitterly. When mom enters and calls him, he takes a warm breathe and laughs. Why is he doing so? Does his mother bring a magic stick?

Her presence gives him relief and brings the smile on his face. For him, his mother is everything. His happiness lies in his mother’s presence.

Happiness is an abstract term, you can’t count it. You can only feel it. For instances:

For a child, achieving full marks is happiness.

For a businessman, to get a tender is happiness.

For an employee, to get the promotion is happiness.

For a lonely person, to find a perfect partner is happiness.

For an orphan child, to get a loving family is happiness.

You can never define happiness by a single statement. It is a mixture of endless thoughts and emotions. To welcome the things and situations positively in life can be defined as happiness. It depends on person’s acceptance.

If you get two boxes filled with happiness and worries, which one you will select?

You will definitely choose happiness. You are thinking why I am calling it as a choice. Everyone likes happiness. No one likes problem in life.

Why is happiness a choice?

Humans face different stages of life. Some are good, some are not. It depends on you how you react to situations whether you accept it and live happily by moving on in your life or you live in past by thinking of events and their effects on your life.

Shiv Khera is an Indian author of motivational books and an activist. In his earlier life, he worked at different places. He worked as an insurance agent in a life insurance company by selling policies to customers but he failed in this field. He also worked as a salesman for a shop. In the beginning of his career, he struggled a lot. After the failures, he could have thought to give up and accept his life, but he learned lessons from his failures and had positive things in his mind. Positive thoughts always lead to happiness and with those he moved in his life. Soon he grew as one of the best motivational author and speaker. Today, there are many people who read his books and bring changes in their lives.

Happiness depends on the way of thinking. If after failure you will think, you can’t do this, it’s crucial, you will never get it. You will always have the mind full of negative thoughts. If you will think of happy moments, you can be happy in worse circumstances also. No one can make you sad, it’s your choice. Either you be happy with lessons you learned from past or you take a chair and always regret past actions and become a part of sadness.

There is a well-known saying

“As you sow, so shall you reap”. If you will fill your mind with good and positive thoughts, you will be happy always. If you will fill it with negative thoughts, you will be sad.”

Now the choice is yours. Think and live peacefully.

Happiness is the best medicine for a healthy living. Here are some reasons for the same.

Why is Happiness healthy?

Happiness is the best remedy for a healthy life. According to a research, happiness makes our heart healthier, helps to reduce stress level, makes our immune system stronger and helps to live a better life.

Nowadays people live a life which is full of the hectic schedule, Whole day person thinks of one or other thing. People are overloaded with work and their work pressure gives birth to stress. Stress is considered as the root of diseases. Happiness helps to work with calmness and leads to progress. It reduces the stress level and helps the brain to function smoothly.


Even doctors suggest to be happy whatever the situation may be. The patient who suffers from a serious illness is always given the advice to live with happiness. They are told to remember the happy moments of their life, as it diverts the brain towards positive thoughts which increases their confidence level and boost them. Happiness directs them towards their aim to live a healthy life.

happiness is the best medicine to cure the diseases (Problem) of life without any side effects.

So what are you waiting for?

Add this medicine (happiness) in your day to day life and make life disease free.

Do you know about the best revenge in the world?

Happiness is considered as the best revenge in the world.

Why is Happiness best revenge?

You all might have faced how people behave when you achieve something? How they behave at your failure? These are the most common things that are faced by all.

Happiness is the best revenge to answer all the questions. It does not require any explanation. Happiness itself speaks everything. When you are facing tough times people laugh at you instead of helping. They show their sympathy. At that moment you feel very bad, you want to answer them, you are very furious but you are helpless.

Those moments teach you the best lessons of life and you work more hard than previous. Your hard work pays you with success in your life. Your success affects others as they are unable to see you at the top.  One can’t see another person on top because he thinks instead of you, he should be there. This is a human nature. You can’t help to cope up with it. It is a viral disease which is not only in India but in outer countries also. Even Scientist can’t find the remedy. Jealousy will not take you to happiness but happiness can take towards comfortable life.

It’s time to choose your way of revenge.

Let your happiness be the best way to answer all the questions of the world without any word and be the one and only remedy for all.

Happiness is like a rainbow which adds color in life. It’s fragrance of life which increases the beauty of life. There are many countless moments of happiness, hold them tightly and live satisfactorily. God has blessed us with one life, does waste it in grudges, worries, problems and past. Live it happily. A Song can’t be imagined without music, life can’t be imagined without happiness

Let Happiness be your ornament as a precious jewel and always be with you and increase the charm of your life.

Let your happiness be the sugar of your life and be added to every morning’s cup of tea.  

What are you waiting for? Let it be part of your everyday life and take to heights.

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Kanchan Vallecha

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