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Recently America CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) has revealed secret information about aliens. The latest incident is on 9th July ’17. Giant footprints have been found at Anturu, Gadag district of Karnataka in India. Many people claimed about the entrance of the aliens. But this is nothing new. On several times earlier, such things were heard. In 2012, in Sikkim, a bluish tinge of light was seen in the sky. Similarly, in 2004, in Himachal Pradesh and in 1962 in Kongla pass.

What is the secret information of CIA?

In Canada, France, India many people have seen UFO (Unidentifying Flying Object).The question is, are these just illusions? Intentional false narration? UFOlogists are researching since many years. But what they are telling remain hidden by America detective CIA.

As per CIA, on 3rd July, 1947, in Roswell in Mexico, a person named Dann Wilnt and his wife were walking in front of their house. The time was before the sunset. Suddenly they saw something very bright running almost 20-25 feet above the land. The speed must be 400-500 km/hr. That couple described the incidence to the ‘Roswell daily newspaper.’ On 8th July 1947, a part of flying soccer had broken down and that had been brought to the Roswell Army Base. Many people claimed that the soccer was actually an UFO.


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But the Army Base remained silent about that. But they couldn’t keep such a thrilling incidence secret, because one day, a nurse of Roswell air field, suddenly entered the lab and saw that some doctors were examining on a peculiar creature. The creature was like the human being with no hairs, thin limbs. But America Govt finally compelled to close the research work.

Alien station ‘Area 51’

In America, there is, ‘Area 51′ that is the top secret research laboratory for aliens. What researches are going on there, are known to only America President and some very close people. Even before 2013, this area had not been discovered. But why is this hide and seek? Hilary Clinton announced that if she could win she would reveal the ‘Area 51’.But right now the ‘Area 51’ is a mystery.

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Aliens are coming

Perhaps aliens are coming on this September ’17, as per media. NASA said this on 2014.Last year in October a video was shown that America warned Russia about the attack of aliens.


Many people are excited about the existence of the aliens. Many questions are arising simultaneously, is any flying soccer keeping eye on us? Why does CIA keep the information secret? Are people seeing UFO or is this totally illusion? We all are waiting for all the answers.


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