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“There she goes. She’s a disgrace to the society! Look at her, walking around shamelessly. What has her mother taught her? At such a young age itself.”

Hey, guys! I’m Pradeksha, you can call me Prathi. I’m a happy mother of two studs, the elder one being 18 and busy with his coaching classes while my little baby girl, the younger one being 14. I’m a neurologist and I would like to say that I’m pretty good hearted. Now that you’ve got to know about me I hope we may have an educated discussion. Remember, everyone’s entitled to an opinion but it ought to be an educated one.

The reason I started this blog was to share my experience with reality. Do you know that feeling, when you’ve been through all kinds of tough situations and you think that life may be sympathetic, but then it sends a curveball at you? Yeah? Trust me I know it hurts. Hurts badly, leaving you confused and tired, wanting it all to just stop. You would think that when you had it bad, people treat you with sympathy. Although you don’t want either sympathy or pity, but you still hope for some kind of miracle to save you from that pit.

The pit seems so deep and so wide. Darkness engulfs you from all side and you have no light to guide you, except that small flicker of hope that often blows out. Especially when you’re struck by lightning so huge that you are left dazzled and shocked out of your wits. Funny how things turned out for me!

My son was always the trouble maker. Detentions were so often that had he not been the top student in both sports and academics, he would’ve been kicked out. He was still a good child and I loved him with all my heart. My daughter on the other hand, was my angel. She had the kindest smile with ever shining eyes. Her hair of brown locks cascaded on her shoulders and twirling around in her skirt, is the most beautiful thing I had seen. She was kind, a good soul and could never hurt anyone. She was our baby and the boys of my family were overprotective of her.

But, her nature and goodness was all forgotten and were lost in the corrupted and unkind mind of the society, when she was diagnosed with HIV AIDS. Yes, and before you stop reading this and sigh, please do give me a second chance. This is not a lady writing about her daughter’s sad life to gain publicity and attention. This is purely a mother clutching onto her fragile daughter’s hands, a mother who doesn’t want any other child to go through that humiliation ever again.

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AIDS or Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is a disease transmitted by a virus, HIV or the Human Immuno Virus. This virus is so treacherous that it attacks the immune system of the victim and thereby making them vulnerable to any meager infection, leading to death eventually. Now it is well known that it is a sexually transmitted disease or an STD, and that is why it’s like a taboo in the society. But little is it known that it can also be transmitted from a mother to the baby during pregnancy, labour or nursing by infected syringes, needles or unscreened blood.


But my daughter was criticised of being one of bad character since I didn’t have AIDS. It was automatically assumed that my daughter was just pretending her good nature. I saw the eyes that stared at her. I saw my son getting arrested for assaulting someone who bad mouthed her. I saw my husband becoming an alcoholic and destroying his career. As much as I know, I can’t blame their behaviour on the reactions of the society around. Everyone wants somebody to take the blame. It’s never their fault.

According to a survey, 33.4 million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS and 25 million have died since 1981. Additionally, 97% of people with HIV live in developing and moderate-income nations, such as sub-Saharan Africa. Teens, children and infants alike get affected from a completely preventable disease.


This is what you must understand, as far as talking about intercourse is made uncomfortable by narrow minded folks, it is important to spread awareness. And to spread awareness, firstly, you must be aware of the symptoms and treatments. Symptoms include pain in the abdomen while swallowing, ulcers and swelling. Since this can’t always be cured, treatment for lessening the pain and lengthening the life is very much possible. Early detection is very necessary indeed.

I hope this finds you all in the best health. Please join my family with prayers and wishes.”

Update: My daughter is feeling much better and my boys are healthy and coping.



Recently, a paper on rapid elicitation of broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV by immunization in cows, by Devin Sok ET all, published in June 2017. There it was observed that cows generate antibodies within 42 days after immunization. The work is identified as a new and much more efficient method to generate active antibodies against HIV. Let’s hope that this gives a good result and that this menace called AIDS is eradicated.


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Sharing is Caring-