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Humans are made up of various characters. Each of them differs in his/her own way.  Few of them are highly enthusiastic, possessing supreme willpower, grit, courage, confidence, conviction etc. And few quite opposite to the said; wearing weakness all through bogged down.

That which vitally influences the character is the environment around, genes present inside to some quite extent and largely the commitment to become big. The person gets immersed in nature around subconsciously and it affects the ability to work, live and enjoy the life given.

In the quest to know about the character of the self, many layers emerge from the base of the person’s way of life. The true knowledge of the self, brings sensational results to the applied actions.

Perhaps, that which changes the perception and the way of success is nothing but the strength of the character. And for this matter the daily actions, chores, tasks performed with intense intent slowly and unconsciously builds the character of the person.

Therefore, these little things affect very much the nature of the person from the actions. How does the character grows to the extent of bigger challenges is the question to be answered.

Finding out the inner strength and working on it produces targeted results in an effective way. This task of what suits and runs for us is what one has to be on the constant lookout. Any person can be put into deep thought if asked, what are your real strengths or weaknesses?

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How it can be improved for best future ? Or what is that pushes forward the tide of success? After determining and coming to know the exactness of strength, the work ends up in a productive way.

This could be the hidden power which came out in the form of good work results sets the criteria for the factor of strength. Then of the several factors which are those that play major role in strengthening the personality is to be seen.


Gritty willpower

The outcome of the work shall be good when honest and sincere efforts are put to test. This character of grit or determination to win plants the feeling of strong desire towards achieving the state of success.

In order to embrace it fully the attention to win and concentration span plays a significant role. A person can be lost in the world of work when the focus is given a miss and taken the chance to fail.


But, how to hold a strong grip on the chosen work or a task? Here, enters the super power of willpower which altogether adjoins the work with success. Then what is that factor which single-handedly influences the results?

It is the practice of hardworking and sticking to it unconditionally that paves the way for basing the willpower of the person. Moreover, the construction of the willpower in a person will usher in the feeling to become goal – oriented.

The ambition set by the person is taken to the new level of success by cultivating the habit of growing the willpower to work. It is this willpower which sets the benchmark for other features such as persistence, hardworking, diligence, vim, and vigor, effervescent personality.


Enthusiasm powers actions:

The end result of any work or activity gets a resounding success when the input of efforts is graced with enthusiasm. Building and retaining the enthusiasm is quite a  tough challenge to all. The effect of it can be strongly felt when the efforts are at work.

There is no iota of doubt that the heart can’t feel happy and joyous when enthusiasm is incorporated in the various actions. This amazing character if inculcated properly proves immense satisfaction and bliss in every aspect.


Staying enthusiastic about the work or any of the actions is the key to phenomenal success. That feeling of winning should not be forgotten, if done then one has to pay a heavy price for the failure.

For this reason, any person who is cautious about his actions shall not let the failure creep in the goal plan. Probably, there is a possibility of little failure in the work carried out by famous personalities just because they didn’t lose hope in the middle and pushed the vehicle of work forward with high spirits.


Weaknesses –  a window of opportunities:

For a person, there is no dearth of opportunities from which the weakness can overcome. The life itself and the diverse situations in them present a lot of chances, if steered properly towards the desired goal, ensures the satisfaction in action.

Actually speaking, having weaknesses in a personality is good as it applies the force to the person to persist more and get to the higher degree of positive results. The careful collection of them and the timely work on it ensures the success of the work plan.

Furthermore, the weakness in a person stimulates extra work to be done and prompts a learning curve to be fit into the character. Bending the body little extra while putting the efforts can help the person working over the weaknesses.



Whatever or however be the type or number of weaknesses, the grittiest person welcomes them with a smile on the face and turns them in the favor of the self. This exactly shows that from the weakness if worked with immaculate involvement and concentration, success can be derived and hence evolves the strength of character from a person.

The journey of a person from weakness to strength constitutes painful levels of stresses and strains, which if taken positively builds the character of invincible. Working on the weakness is like crafting a thoughtful set of principles which work like missiles to hit the target.

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The big advantage of experiencing failure is that it teaches good lessons which if followed keenly takes the person to the new levels of achievement. The essence of the life is that it always tests the person by presenting new scenes and circumstances which may be critical or crucial to one’s personal development.

From this it is evident that the person is called to show the true character of the self and it comes naturally outside and no one can obstruct it. Thus, if the characters are honed properly and guided correctly it can make a person powerful to tackle hardship. All in all, the weakness of a person is just scratching the surface, the real character of strength lies in delving deep into the matter wins laurels.

Of the distinct characters of strength and weakness, the one who pours strenuous efforts over the work emerges triumphant. What has to be ingrained in mind is if whatsoever be the qualities of a person if examined correctly, pragmatic results come out of the actions. Consequently, the life is much about balancing strengths with the weaknesses. This can significantly help to improve productivity.


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Sharing is Caring-