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Addiction- What is it? It is the condition of being dependent on a particular substance or activity. Most people are addicted to alcohol, nicotine, gambling, shopping, mobiles etc. Therefore, people are not only addicted to bad things which are injurious to health but sometimes they are also addicted to other things like eating, sleeping etc.

Addiction is a disease which affects families, relationships, and our neighborhood. If a person is addicted to something he/she may depend on it. If the addiction gets out of control, people need more and more to satisfy it. For addicted persons, their addiction can be more important than eating or walking or even their near and dear ones.

Nowadays, people are commonly addicted to mobiles, computer, social media and many more. People addicted to social media, do not bother to observe what is happening in their surroundings. They only look at their phones and stay busy by scrolling their accounts and news-feed. It affects their work as well as their studies and career.


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When people observe their social media profiles they get hooked on to it and they forget their work which eventually reflects negatively on their performance. This kind of activity is not good for their future.

Moreover, people are losing their relationships because of social media. They don’t want to meet new people or visit their relatives, but they’re happy using and interacting with new faces by the mode of social networking.

People should get advanced but they should not affect their lives with such an addiction. Perhaps, the use of social media should be limited as it is not good for your health and your relations.

In fact, any kind of addiction is not good for people in any condition. Addicted people don’t live their life but they live their addiction. People do not even enjoy special occasions of their life due to addiction.

People believe that ones you are caught with an addiction it is difficult and almost next to impossible to escape from it but this is not the real fact. The one, who has strong determination and the inner will to escape or leave an addiction he has caught onto, will surely win in achieving what he has aimed for.

The one who burns mid-night oil in order to achieve something never ever goes waste. So, one should make himself strong enough to escape from such an enslavement.

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Hence, addiction is not good for anyone. So, you must stay far away from it. It can be a hazard to your life. Addiction can leave you alone and even it can decrease ones respect in society.

Therefore, don’t get addicted. Live your life freely. Focus on your targets and your goal and achieve it.



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Sharing is Caring-