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Benefits of Jaggery

The important Health benefits of jaggery include its ability to cleanse your body, act as a digestive agent, sweeten your food in a healthy manner, and provide good amounts of minerals.

Most of the people may not find jaggery attractive as a food item because of the dark yellow color and its amorphous and gooey look. Of course, there are some people who find jaggery’s color and appearance appealing and interesting than the white, crystalline sugar.



Health Benefits Of Jaggery

The health benefits of jaggery include its ability to aid in digestion, treat constipation, help in boosting the energy levels, etc.

  • How Does Jaggery Improves Digestion?

In India, it is recommended to take a few grams of jaggery after a heavy meal or after eating meat because it facilitates digestion. Jaggery activates the digestive enzymes and functions as an acetic acid in the stomach, thereby speeding up digestion and making the process smooth, ultimately reducing strain on the intestines and digestive tract.

  • How Does Jaggery Work As Cleansing Agent?

You may not normally connect sweeteners and sugars with cleansing the body, but that is actually one of the well-proven benefits of jaggery. It effectively cleans the respiratory tracts, lungs, food pipe, stomach, and intestines.

Jaggery pulls out dust and unwanted particles from the body, while also giving relief from constipation, perhaps due to the presence of fibre in it. Reducing constipation and stimulating the bowel movements further cleanse the body of the toxins.

  • How Does Jaggery Boosts Energy?

We know that carbohydrates, consumed in our food, give us energy upon oxidation. The simpler the carbohydrate, the sooner the energy is released. On one hand, this simplicity comes as a blessing for athletes and people suffering from serious fatigue because they need instantaneous energy and can find quick relief. Therefore, sugar and glucose are the proper carbohydrates for them, because they are very simple and are absorbed into the bloodstream immediately to give a quick burst of energy.

But on the other hand, studies show and doctors advise that this sudden rise in sugar or energy level can be a major threat to the integrity of internal organs, particularly in the case of diabetics. In the long run, this may even give rise to diabetes, since the fluctuating sugar levels may affect the pancreas, to the point where the pancreas may lose their capacity to release large amounts of insulin at once to counter the quick increase in the body’s sugar level. This sudden uplift may cause severe damage to kidneys and eyes, can raise blood pressure, and create a number of problems in the related organ systems. Jaggery is a more complex form of carbohydrate than plain sugar. When you eat jaggery, it is digested and absorbed gradually and it releases energy over an extended period of time. This can provide the eaters with warmth and energy without harming their internal organs.

  • How Jaggery Is Rich in Minerals?

Unlike sugar, jaggery is rich in minerals, mainly iron with traces of other mineral salts. While most of the iron in jaggery comes through its processing in iron vessels, the other minerals come directly from the sugar cane juice, since the juice does not undergo refinement or bleaching of any kind. Therefore, jaggery is a very good source of minerals for the body.

  • How Jaggery Works As Sweetener?

There are plenty of natural and artificial sweetening agents available on the market, with good old white sugar right at the top. However, almost all of them are just plain sweeteners. The benefit of jaggery is that it is a colorful, tasty, and a healthy sweetener. You can experience the difference yourself. Taste plain sugar and jaggery one after another, and it will be very clear to you. Don’t limit yourself to sugarcane jaggery flavour, go ahead and taste the date palm jaggery, palmyra jaggery or one of the other flavours available.


What Are Religious Use Of Jaggery?

Among Hindus, it is customary to take a bite of jaggery after attending a funeral, along with Margo leaves, crushed black pepper, and to touch fire and iron, as it is known to purify. In certain religious ceremonies and rituals, small idols of jaggery, rice paste, and turmeric are prepared and offered to gods and goddesses.

Jaggery often sticks to your hands and lips while eating, which can be a nuisance. Make sure to keep this in mind before you start eating this simple, yet mysterious food!

Jaggery is less likely to give you a bad reaction to acidity when compared to normal white sugar. There is no good explanation for this, but this is frequently seen. Even doctors suggest switching to jaggery for sweetening purposes when someone is having an unexplainable acidic reaction.

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So, Friends, It’s not too late! Add jaggery to your meals for a few days and feel the difference for yourself.


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