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Flaws are what make a human perfectly human. Alexander Pope’s famous lines are, “To err is human, to forgive divine”. Nobody is perfect in any sense. So the new trend coming up is “FLAWSOME”. It means something which is awesome but not minus its flaws. It is an amalgamation of ‘flaw’ and ‘awesome’. One might think that both are poles apart, but when it is perceived on a higher level, then it is beheld incredibly.

“To err is human, to forgive divine”                                                        

Our life has never been flawless. Each and every person has blemishes, be it an actor, singer, politician, businessman, sportsman, or people like us. If somebody asks you to tell them, one person, who is impeccable, can you say the answer? If you even search the archives to find one, you cannot. The human race learns from their flaws a lot more than they learn from something else. Failure happens due to some mistake on the run and through it, we enhance ourselves. Life leaves us in many trenches due to our imperfections and we do not learn to accept the flaws we have.

No wonder every hero in a book or a movie has a flaw through which, he or she falls. Shakespearean tragedies picture it perfectly. Every hero in his plays has a flaw or Hamartia, which is its Greek word for the tragic hero’s flaw, due to which his downfall occurs. Take Hamlet; procrastination is his flaw or Othello, whose flaw is jealousy. Likewise, take a movie, for instance, Guardians of the Galaxy, none of the characters are perfect, they are losers, but eventually, they accept themselves and save the world. That’s a story, but in the real life too, people have myriad flaws, but when one comprehends it, the awesomeness is felt.


It’s all about accepting oneself no matter what. Flawsome also reflects on self- acceptance. The new awesome can inspire and kindle people who feel rejected in the society due to their flaws. Tyra Banks, the American model, and actor, advocates it. This helps people in accepting oneself with all the flaws. “Flaws are awesome – so, ‘flawsome!’ I love making up a word.” (Tyra Banks). One needs to know that everything is flawed, and one has to accept the new trend. Flaws are good. Accepting oneself with all the limitations is what makes a flawsome person.

“Flaws are awesome – so, ‘flawsome!’ I love making up a word.”

Not just humans but every brand too has its flaws. Therefore, what in life is totally faultless? Basically, everything has some flaw, even though it may be unseen. In the past, people wanted perfection for everything but today the scenario has taken on a reverse drift. A wonderful example of this is the book Divergent by Veronica Roth. In the Divergent world, factions were the only mode of living. Every person had to conform to one faction, which was based on the virtues: Erudite, Candour, Abnegation, Dauntless, and Amity. But can one fit into any of these in perfectly? Not really. And therefore the rebellion begins. In the same way, nobody can be bereft flaws and so flaws are awesome.

Feeling confidence in spite of the flaws is deemed good nowadays. People today try to hide their flaws behind a sweet guise or mask and live in a lie as they wish to fit it. But it has its consequences. Accepting the genuine, you is hard for everyone especially when one is humiliated. The new trend, thus, gives confidence to the ones who are outcasts in the society. It is Flawsome with ‘flaw‘, and ‘awesome‘ integrated. It is so human and that is why it is the new awesome. Yeah, Flawsome is splendid.

So flawsome is the real awesome.


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Sharing is Caring-