Boost Thyself was founded by Akhilesh Maurya (Mr. Booster), with the vision to inspire people  through the Blogs of different categories.

A tragedy that happened during his final year of Engineering, boosted him to initiate something, which can inspire and boost someone towards a better life.

The vision of Boost Thyself is to spread positivity, inspire people and boost them towards a Better Life.

Don’t call yourself a Writer, if you don’t inspire people around you, says Akhilesh and with this quote, he came up with the idea of Boost Thyself.

The saying is true, that, “When you do good things for people, they will follow you and will help you do the good work”, and it happened to be true for Boost Thyself. Within just a month, many Writers/Bloggers/Public Figures and even Motivational speakers joined Boost Thyself with the only vision of spreading positivity.