Sharing is Caring-

“You will never know how I feel for you. Let it be the end of our relationship.”

“I got addicted to him. Why am I supposed to be like this only with him?”

“My parents are not allowing me to go my own way. I tried to commit suicide but here I am, all messed up, and texting you with a tender heart.”

These are frequent dialogues I hear about, from everyone. I am Aaradhya, a girl who loves freedom and exploration of thoughts and people. In this journey of mine, I have encountered many dark souls. Apart from the sufferings in the past and troublesome present towards the guarantee-less and aimless future. Because this life is made to see shades.

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No matter if the shade is under the wing of an eagle or the tree that is giving shade since thousands of years. Whenever someone comes up with a pale face and faded smile, these instincts of mine hit high. Of course, the night is dark for everyone. Although I did come out of my darkness with a beautiful sunshine, my world is producing shadows when it is supposed to encounter an obstacle. That’s how I bumped into many lives that needed support in a situation like this. But the society is still recognizing me as a girl instead of a human. Who’s pathetic?


My way of responding to people has two steps.

  1. Listening
  2. Listening

Because when they are trying to explain something, it doesn’t mean that they are here for the help or to receive some unwanted reasons for their failure or any kind of ‘snap out’ reasons. They just want to say whatever they feel like sharing.

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Thus this acute angle of mine has shown all the obtuse effects on the other side.

I listen to all the stories. As I did have quite a messy past with no hopes of a better present, I fantasize myself in all the situations where my people have suffered. It being, ended up with some unknown broken-up relationship of my cousin, possessive feelings of my friend towards her boy and the pain of life on the edge of death of my friend who had a failed suicide attempt. Kicking the emotions and cursing the self-respect. Why am I supposed to be like this?

But somewhere, deep in my heart, I’m happy. Happy for this cranky attitude of mine. Thus the reaction of mine after the two successful steps made my cousin and best friends smile and forget their pain after talking to me.

I’m grateful for myself.

And you should be too. Because whatever has happened in the past, has prepared you for your future. It has made you reach a step closer to discovering the real ‘you’, and that can never be a loss. That can never be something to be sad about, and hence I am grateful for all that happened to me, with me.

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Sharing is Caring-