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Selfie.. A new trend and craze among teenagers across the globe

As the technology gets advanced; it becomes really very tough to decide whether it is a boon or a curse. We have been seeing a “selfie craze” among teenagers since quite a number of years.

People click selfies whenever they get ready, dress up well, with friends and families and the list of selfies never ends. But this craze has become as dangerous as poison. This trend has started killing people. I have come up with so many incidents of deaths caused by selfies.

1) May 2014:

A 15 years old boy was killed by a speeding train while posing for a selfie on the tracks.

2) August 2014

In Kerala, a 14 years old boy was electrocuted while attempting to take a selfie on the top of a stationary train.

3) January 2015

3 students, aged 20-22 died while trying to take a “daredevil” selfie close to an oncoming train on railway tracks of Mathura near Kosikala.

4) 4th February 2015

A man travelling on a train from Mumbai to Goa was attempting to take a selfie and fell out of moving train, resulting death.

5) March 2015

7 youths drowned while taking selfies on Mangrul Lake near Kuhi. Their boat had tipped over as they were standing up to pose.

6) September 2015

A Japanese tourist fell down a staircase which caused her death while taking a selfie at Taj hotel, Agra.

7) September 2015

A student died while taking selfies at Koli hills, when the rock on which he was standing cracked and gave way, plunging him 60 ft, causing death from head injuries.

8) November 2015

2 students drowned in Narmada Canal after slipping down the bank while taking selfies.

9) December 2015

While taking selfie, 14 year old boy accidently came in contact with a 25000- volt overhead wire and suffered 80% burns. He died a few hours later.

10) 9th January 2016

A 20 year old girl pulled was into high tide water while taking selfies.

11) 25th July 2017

A 30 years old man sneaked into Bannerghatta, India with friends to take selfie with an elephant that later trampled him to death.

12) 16th July 2017

48 people were injured when standing too close to a burned bakery to take selfies. They ignored the warnings about flames.

Yes, we all love to take selfies. We all love to store our memories forever. But there are some rules to be followed for a safe enjoyment. We can see that most of the victims are in the age below 25. They are actually a Future India.

There is no need to play with your life just for a single click. We need to stop this “Daring Selfie” or “The most dangerous selfie of the year” kind of trends.

Have harmless selfies ahead!!

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Sharing is Caring-