Sharing is Caring-

If someone asked me to sum up how it feels one night before a big event, I’ll seriously have no words to explain enough the emotions that roll all around from your brain to your toes…the little sparks and shrivels that run all along, those numerous times you have felt butterflies in your stomach, all those moments you feel you would mess up but at the same time your mind is constantly in prayers that the day just goes well. So much excitement, So much confusion, So much tension just one night before anything is ought to happen.

And trust me it isn’t you only who must be filled with these emoticons right now, there will be at least 20 more, who have been looking forward for this day since a year, who have put in all their efforts and motivated people around them to just do their best and leave the outcome on God.


But I am here too, one before writing to you all because I really don’t know how to calm myself further down. All that comes to my mind is that how would tomorrow be, and would I be able to even speak. It is pretty funny; honestly, for me, it is really funny. How a few months back only I have been a 2 years speaker in an organization, How just a few months ago I was hosting an event on my own without the slightest fear in me. But now everything seems too vague for me. Now facing an audience of maximum 40 people makes me scared.

It is not about me being confident to speak out front of people, well I have always been there to speak out to people to be myself and to not suppress any thoughts within, at the same time I have always been someone who isn’t scared of speaking out to the public.


But then, what is it that makes me so scared, why is it that one day before I have all these emotions running around me??

The answer lies in not achieving something materialistic at the end of this event but to achieve something I lost, something WE lost. That feeling of respect that truth is essences of telling the world yes I am here because I deserved it. Not to give any explanation to someone but to clear yourself from all those unwanted taunts or from all those various assumptions that strike people that you are not even a strong contender.

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Before any event, feelings run around you because they are a part of you. They need to be given justice and every small gossip or badmouth about you needs to be given a STOP sign which will happen when you prove yourself when you are able to make the next day as beautiful as it would have sounded.

Sharing is Caring-