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Lost are those days..

When we used to be free from fear

Each person we met

Used to become our dear.

Empty are those streets;

Where we used to play

Meaningless laughs, giggles and smiles;

The moments we shared

Little did we cared (about world)

Lost are those outdoor games

Those gardens are missing us.


Happiness was real

Fake masks have replaced them;

Friends were selfless

Fake emotions covered them.

Lost are those carefree days

Those boats and ships in heavy rain

Can’t be replaced by anything else,

Those days of vacations

Can’t be replaced by short holidays,

Those sweet candies

Can’t be replaced by expensive chocolates,

Those selfless friends

Can’t be replaced by “friends for benefits”,

Those studio clicked pictures

Can’t be replaced by selfies,

Those toys and indoor games

Can’t be replaced by electronic gadgets,

We were never afraid-

About what is going to happen TOMMOROW,

Everything mattered was TODAY’S enjoyment.

Lost are those days

Lost is our childhood

Lost is our childhood.


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Sharing is Caring-