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“I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.” –
-Leonardo da Vinci

So is the story of a courageous girl named Sakshi Chauhan from Dehradun. Sakshi, a girl from Lower Middle Class, got an accident with bus while crossing the road, few years back. She stayed in her village then and the hospital was far away from that place.

Consequently, after the accident and much loss of Blood when she reached to the hospital, Dr said,” There has been much loss of the blood as the tyre of bus had run on her legs. Both the legs have been severely affected, we’ll have to remove one leg for now, we cannot say anything about the another. Due to much blood loss, we cannot refer her to any other hospital.”

The whole family shuddered to listen such statement from the Dr but then no one had the control over her destiny. They had to believe such statement and tackle this difficult situation in their life.  Her one leg was removed from 3 inch down the thigh and plastic surgery was done in another leg.

“Your daughter may not stand on her legs for the whole life and you would have to take care of her”, this was the statement from the Doctor after surgery which made her family more worried.

Her father, a driver by profession, asked her to stay in city only with her mother and siblings because he knew if she would live in village, she would not even be able to go to school. As he was the only one who used to work in her family, he had to manage a lot of money for her medical surgery. Eventually, the whole family ended up with heavy debt on them, but her parents never gave up on her.

Sakshi Chauhan
Sakshi had hosted our ShOUT event in Dehradun with Priyanka Negi

They worked hard and did everything for her to stand on her legs and walk by her own. Even after Dorctor’s statement that she might not stand on her legs, they worked hard on her exercises ignoring her pain and screams because they knew if they go  week by her tears of pain, she would stay week for the whole life.

And of course, their hardwork and support made Sakshi more courageous to battle with life.

“My Daughter, if you can bear so much of this pain, you can do anything in life”, her mother used to tell her with her hidden tears.

Hailing from a poor family, where her father and mother both had to work to manage the hospital expenses while she was in hospital for three months. I could feel the situation while listening her story on call that how their parents could not sleep before each operation as they had to manage hell lot of amount to pay in hospital before any operation. I was literally welled up with tears while listening her story.

After the hospital, when she came to home, she had to face a lot of challenges. She was different from others in her school, being on her wheelchair.

We all can relate the situation of our school time like how one who is different from others, is treated. Sakshi, being the wheel chaired girl in school, was also treated differently by her schoolmates.

As we all know that there’s no facility in Indian School for the differently abled children, therefore her mother had to take Sakshi in her lap to the classroom. It felt awkward when she grew up, but there was no option.

Being a human being, we really feel bad for us when someone feels pity for us. The same happened with Sakshi when she was shown pity by her schoolmates.

“I used to hide my tears when I saw children playing on the ground, I felt pity of myself when I could not dance due to my one leg. I even could not walk to the washroom alone, it’s my mother who had to take me there. For some time, I could not believe if it’s the same life in which I used to dream to touch the sky and now here I am all helpless.” she shared sounding low in her voice on call.

Her mother’s statement that she can do anything if she can bear this pain, made her more courageous and motivated her to pursue her dream. After her 10+2 from Govt School, she did her graduation. She now works as a receptionist in a coaching class to bear her expenses.

Witness her melodious voice through this video

Apart from this, she is a writer, storyteller and being a Gadhwali girl, she is a Gadhwali Singer also. She had even hosted our own ShOUT event in Dehrdun with Priyanka Negi.

“Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.” – ― C. JoyBell C.

Now a days, she had been more active in sports and she played wheelchair basketball even. She shared that playing sports made her more positive and changed her life also. She used to work a lot to succeed in her life but now after the participation in basketball team, she realized that she is working in the right direction.

Sakshi while playing the basketball

She also participated in Super Sikkh Marathon in Delhi on 9th Dec’18, where the organizer Major DP Singh not only helped her participating in marathon but also for her accommodation and food.

As it was her very first marathon, due to some problem in her prosthetic leg, she had to run the marathon by the elbow crutch. She had completed 5 km in marathon due to which she had to bear pain in her joint for few days. But the appreciation from people made her positive and soothed her pain.

Sakshi Chauhan

When I asked her about where does she get the inspiration and courage to move ahead, she shared,”Jo maine apne Parents se sikha hai kabhi har na manna aur mehnat karte rehna, chahe wo kisi bhi halat me ho. Zindagi jeene ke liye ye meri sabse badi inspiration rahi hai.

Sakshi is indeed a true inspiration for all of us who teaches us through her life that we should not think negative of the things which we don’t have in our life, rather move ahead feeling blessed with what we have because there are many who don’t even have that which we already have.

I would conclude this story by her own words which goes like – “Yakinan ek nayi Subah mai Khud Laungi or jinhe tum Manjile Kehto ho, Unhe mai piche chhod jaungi.”

Sharing is Caring-