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Happiness is something that comes from within. There is no one in this world who can make you happy except you yourself.

Happiness needs no reasons. Following are the aspects of living happily forever-

1. Say goodbye to all ifs and buts:

Most of the enjoyment fail to take place because of “ifs and buts”. Let’s kick all such ifs and buts out of our lives. Do not think much about what others will think. Be who you are- value who you are.

2. Respect your freedom:

Have you ever noticed a caged bird who wants to fly in an open sky? But human mankind is never tied like that. Be thankful that you are not in such a situation. You can exercise you talents wherever you want to. Value your freedom.

3. Keep your body healthy and active:

Is your body functioning well? If not, go out and feel the freshness in the air. Body is a machine which needs equal amount of activity as well as rest. Give what your body needs and it will do wonders. You can be free of disease during your life span.

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4. Try “passion as profession”:

Do you have something as your passion? Try it as a profession. You will never get bored of it. You will definitely enjoy doing it and getting appreciated.

5. Always count your blessings:

Humans are blessed with perfect body and brain. We always appreciate what others have and we don’t. But we forget to value what we have. Take some time and discover the blessings you have and think what you can make out of it!

6. Say no to jealousy:

Jealousy is a negative vibe. So what if you don’t have money? You may have something that even money can’t buy. So what if you don’t look gorgeous or handsome? You may have some great talents which other people may crave for. Be satisfied with what you have.


7. Learn to help others:

Help those who really need your help. Don’t put pressure on others by showing concern when you actually don’t mean it. Your help may reward you in an unexpected way. Keep exploring and keep helping.

8. Be polite and patient:

Being polite is one of the characteristics of humanity. Always find ways to help the needy. Try to make such people laugh. Make them forget their worries. All these deeds will lead to something great in your life. So be patient. Something good and something unexpected is going to happen.

9. Avoid the company of negative people:

Scientific studies prove that our brain attracts negative vibes much faster than positive ones. Avoid people who are involved in gossips. Keep limited relationship with such people.



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Sharing is Caring-