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Now most of us may have came across with the term ‘start-up’. It sounds good than the word ‘dhanda’. Everything sounds better in English, doesn’t it?
Now come to another word, (no we are not going to have a vocabulary session today)


A noun which is being stuck to every head who is doing business. It is an impressive term, isn’t it?
Like when your relatives ask you, ‘What are you doing these days?’
‘I’m an entrepreneur’.
‘Ohh.. continue, continue, best aa.’  
The speechless relatives that everyone likes.
But before pouring this difficult word in everyone’s ear, ask yourself, are you really an entrepreneur? What really does it mean to be an entrepreneur?
And what does it demand of you to be one?

“Entrepreneurship isn’t merely about selling something to earn money or a business that can be felt, that can be seen and that can be touched. It can’t always be about profit.”

“Entrepreneurship is a habit, and an entrepreneur is a follower of that habit.
Entrepreneurship is a journey and an entrepreneur is a traveler.
Entrepreneurship is an act of meditation and an entrepreneur is an ascetic.”

1. You love to drive than being driven.
Let me be clear. It doesn’t have anything to do with driving a car. It’s about personality. You are the person who takes all responsibility of his own life, including your failures. You hate to follow your boss when he sounds dumb.

2. You dream of something that seems like a joke to other people. 
“I will bring a billion people under one platform.” People laughed.
Who got a billion users? It’s Mark Zuckerberg,
The Facebook founder.
“I’ll send people on Mars”, he said.
“You need to be sent to mental asylum.”
People said.
Who has found space X? It’s EIon Musk.

Be desi.

“I’ll form a swaraj!”

Who did eventually?
Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

“I’ll give every Indian the right of freedom.
I’ll fight the world’s strongest force with a single thought of nonviolence and tolerance!”
Who did?

Mahatma Gandhi.

9 things that define you as an Entrepreneur.

They all were entrepreneurs with a mission. People laughed at them initially but now their principles are being used everywhere when it comes to being a paragon.
If you think something that people just can’t imagine, if you believe that world can be a better place, and if you do your job well,
you are an entrepreneur.

Dream big! People will laugh, and well they may have got better teeth than you. But it doesn’t matter.

3. You love to travel and meet new people.
The best way of learning is traveling.
Traveling gives you something to observe, traveling lets you come across with problems people are facing.
And I don’t have to tell you that, any problem is an opportunity.
Finding solutions to a problem is what we entrepreneurs do.

9 things that define you as an Entrepreneur.

Networking has a very big role in business, art and movements. We can’t form a network by forcing ourselves to meet new people. It happens unwittingly when we meet people. If you have these two habits, we don’t need anyone to tell you, that you are, pleasant, adventures, intelligent and good at making bonds.

4. You read. 
All leaders are good readers. You got that somewhere. You can’t travel everyday but you can read. Reading is the most valuable habit which forms a true leader, and an entrepreneur. Reading is like living someone’s dream and experiencing someone’s life.

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5. You wake up early, believe in being fit.
Legends wake up at 5 A.M.,
True. But if you really want to know the benefit of waking up at 5 A.M. then for once give it a chance.
And what about exercising?
Who doesn’t want to be in shape?
Suppose you’re an angry young man.
But you can express your anger while working out and not while working in office or working with team.

6. You are creative at work. You research before doing something.
You always choose a weird way to get work done. You see the world like no other can.
You research and then do things rather than doing things and then researching.

7. You feel uncomfortable and less independent to work for others.
You can’t take orders. You tend to give orders. You always feel uncomfortable while working and you think, “I should get out of this business of others”. You opt for an independent life than being someone’s puppet. You mind your own business.

8. You follow your passion. You talk to your heart but never ignore your brain.
Your passion is a mission for you?
Are you emotionally intelligent?
Like the one who listens to his heart but also takes advise from his brain. You believe one day your passion will suffice and it will make your lifestyle better.

9 things that define you as an Entrepreneur.

9. You are super confident. 

Not over confident, but enough.
‘I will’ and ‘I can’ are your favorite phrases?
You tell people, on this day, I’ll be this person with a promise. You believe in yourself like others can’t.
Then don’t be shy to call yourself an entrepreneur.

That’s how entrepreneurship has got nothing to do with business. It’s a lifestyle.
Are you follower of your passion?

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Do you love to be followed than following other?
Do you believe that you could bring a change in yours and others life as well?
Do you believe to be the shepherd than being a sheep?
Then my dear you are an entrepreneur.[/perfectpullquote]



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Sharing is Caring-