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When three unemployed people met at a tea stall, we wondered, “What could happen over a cup of tea?” Usually a discussion over a politic reform and economic boom in India, or of intolerance in the market and environmental scenario going on! It was a nation but more than that of self-interest; will the next door girl, who looks like Disha Patani, give us attention? Or should we hit the gym and start eating eggs and dozens of bananas to be a Tiger Shroff, either? But that day unknowingly a company was born. While having the gutter class tea, an idea struck our heads that everyone deserves a good breakfast at home at a reasonable price. Then the desperate, hasty, impatient, and fully enthused people made a company. The idea was unbeatable though we got beaten, horribly! So why and what was the story?

·         Don’t fight a war without weapons

And we did fight.

Imagine if you were left unarmed and unpowered with the avengers to fight against aliens. You may have got a chance to meet Iron Man and Captain America but the outcome would not be so pleasant. Either your head would be squashed or your legs would not be in the proper place at the end of the war. Business is like war and knowledge; skills, money and strict management are the weapons. Start-up is cool but don’t be a fool. Be prepared, be financially well-balanced, be committed, be powerful and then jump in the war.

·         Leader is the king

And we were confused slaves.

Obviously, a leader is the king but they are not born in a day. Leadership is a skill and it takes long to be built. Preferably, be a leader or if it is not possible, then hire one.

·         Team-mates

They say the king can’t win a war alone. He needs a force. He needs a team. Entrepreneurship is just like that. May be many people join you in the beginning but don’t take their company for granted. You may find yourself all alone in the end. Choose them wisely, hire them wisely, keep them inspired, and keep them bounded. Because it’s all about the team.

·         Don’t cut a hen if she gives a golden egg

And we killed her.

Like that foolish person did in the tale. Greed is a virus; it can destroy you completely. If your moto is being rich, then don’t do business. Of course we want to be in profit, but don’t sacrifice your morals to be rich. It is a long process, enjoy it and work hard, strive to have an egg daily rather to have a hen once in life.

·         If you don’t have a plan, don’t do business

We had, but it sounded dumb.

Many say that we don’t need a plan. We need it. The written and detailed business plans with statistics, full research, complete study, budget and the goals. It is useless to have a good ship and a skilled captain if you don’t know where to go. You will be lost in the ocean, or your ship will always be anchored.

·         Be a master in bargaining

Now we did it fluently. (Our only success)  

In a market, there is an article which costs 100 bucks. But it’s not compulsory to buy it for 100, some get it for 80, some for 90, some even for 70 and some even buy it in the original price. Indians know this process better, but if you see they all saved almost ‘20’, ‘10’, and ‘30’ as compared to those who did not bargain. Indirectly they are in a profit, less or more. This is the magic of bargaining; we could save thousands when it comes on a big deal. Don’t underestimate the power of bargaining. You must be skilled person to do bargaining, this is not a kid’s game.

·         It’s not all about being best, it’s all about being unique

You may invest hundreds of hours to improve a light of a candle but then someone invented electricity and here your rival comes with a bulb. Game over. Stand out of the crowd; it is the easiest way to get the business in limelight.

·         Let customer know who you are, what do you sell and how can it be beneficial for them

No one dreams about what are you coming up with? Humans don’t have that superpower. Marketing is the soul of business. A unique (again, unique) marketing means the half work gets done. Go out and yell that I have this product, want to be a buyer?

·         Success is salary, failure is bonus

There isn’t anything permanent in a business. You are doing everything right as long as you keep earn profit. Everything is fair in love, war and business. But unfortunately if you do fail, consider it as a bonus. Once you learn from your mistakes and past, failure works as vaccine; it doesn’t happen again and again.

These are only some lessons, I came across. Again you don’t need any degree to be successful.

Be an entrepreneur and bear the responsibility to build your own empire, and the nation. This is an adventure.



Sharing is Caring-