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Do you want to ace an interview? Or is there any event coming up? Are you tensed about how you will present yourself in front of so many people? If yes, then the simple answer to this question is BE YOURSELF.

So if being yourself is so important; shouldn’t we learn how to be yourself?

Let’s understand How to BE YOURSELF

1)Know and understand yourself:-

Give yourself a “me” time. Be honest to yourself. Know your worth. Prioritize the things that are important for you. Understand your choices. Get a personality tests for better results. It is very easy to befriend others, but learn to befriend yourself first.

2) Appreciate yourself:-

We generally appreciate what others have but we don’t. It could be beauty, it could be wealth or a natural talent. But don’t you have something that they may be craving for? Well, each person is unique. So are you! Appreciate yourself for who you are. Learn to accept your inner self.

3) Say “no” to comparison:-

Comparison always leads to disappointment. Each person is blessed with variety of things. Do your work. You will get what you deserve. Comparison gives birth to jealousy and jealousy lowers your self-esteem, which is a complete no-no for being yourself.

4) Learn to take a stand for yourself:-

For how long will you be dependent on others? Learn to take a stand for yourself. Don’t expect from others to do it for you. Know your limits. Learn to justify your choices.

5) Laugh at yourself:-

The most appreciated human quality is “Laughing at your own self.” Have you ever faced embarrassing moments where others are laughing at you and you feel ashamed? Well, laugh at your own self. Notice that people who were laughing at you will now be laughing with you. Such people are loved by everyone.

6) Don’t run after perfection:-

Perfection is a myth. It does not exist in the real world. No one on this earth can be 100% perfect or flawless. Whenever you try something new; emphasize on learning rather than being perfect.

7) Learn from mistakes and grow out of it:-

Mistakes are titled as the best teacher in this universe. And it is so for a reason. Do not brood over your mistakes again and again. You’ll lose your morale. Instead of doing so; learn from your mistakes and grow out of it.

8) Explore yourself:-

Take yourself to various places. Meet with various people. Let your brain exercise. When you introduce yourself to new places or new language, you actually open yourself for new things. This explores your vision to see the world.

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9) Get your own style:-

Copying is the easiest thing but it too demands a brain. It is better to put your brain in inventing something of your own rather than wasting it in copying. Create your own style in such a way that others get compelled to copy it.

So now you know how to be yourself. Show who you actually are. Define yourself properly. Don’t pull yourself down and keep yourself happy.


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Sharing is Caring-