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You must have heard this phrase a million times – “First impression is the last impression.”

Up to quite an extent, this may be true. However, do not let this cloud your confidence. An impression is not the only thing that decides your fate. So sometimes, a weird impression may lead to the start of something wonderful.

Still, a good impression is always a boost for our morale and leaves a mark. So, let’s try to follow the following 5 things to ensure that your first impression is always a great one!

  • Be comfortable

Do not try to be someone else. Be comfortable in your own skin and do not try to do something that you do not like or do not want to or relate to something you have total disregard for.

  • Be confident

Your confidence in your abilities and the way you carry yourself speaks volumes about you as a person. It helps your personality to shine. Confidence, conviction, and determination go a long way with the right people or in the right organization. However, do not become cocky with time because being cocky and confident are 2 very different things and I am sure you all are aware which one is better.


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  • Dress the part and wear what suits you

Every person is different and dresses differently. Wear clothes that match your personality. Wear something which you will be super confident in. If you can’t walk in heels but need to wear it for an important presentation or occasion, wear wedges. Try platforms. Or if that also makes you insecure, wear whatever you wish to. Your work and personality should do the trick. If someone looks down upon you because of your shoes, trust me, they are not worth your time.


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  • Be aware and informed

Reading is always a good habit. If you are meeting someone or going for an interview or even going for a new adventure, it is always important to be aware. General knowledge is always an advantage. Knowing what is happening around you is always a good thing. Knowing what is happening around you is always a positive thing.

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  • Be honest.

This is probably one of the most important quality that helps you in each and every situation you face. Sometimes it may make life difficult for you, but if you stick to what is right, you will always be able to sleep peaceful, your mind will be fresh and relaxed and you may have few friends, but they will be genuine ones.

These are few things that will help you create a good impression whoever you meet or wherever you meet them. Hope it helps!


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Sharing is Caring-