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Every person dreams of getting married. Okay, now you guys must be reading this and saying, NO. But the fact remains that every person has dreamt of a beautiful wedding and a great marriage. And yes, it is a lovely feeling which leaves your insides all warm and fuzzy.

However, “weddings” in India are a long affair and people start planning even a year in advance. Amongst all the mayhem and chaos, 2 people should not be bothered, especially once the festivities begin. Those 2 are the bride and the groom. The reasons for the celebrations!

Now men somehow, control or hide their excitement or anger in order to survive those 3-4 days which are fun for everyone but him. But the bride, she has a zillion thing running in her head and the fear & nervousness of moving in with a stranger, in a new house, new family and a new city/state or country. Therefore, it is super easy to get her all worked up. So this is something people should ideally avoid in order to ensure peace and prosperity!

Let me help you with few tips. 5 Things that you should NEVER tell a Bride!

1)    Are you really happy with your wedding dress?

TERRIBLE THING TO SAY; ACTUALLY, MAYBE THE WORST! Never try to let the bride re-think about her decision of the outfit she has finalized, purchased or given to stitch/alter for her wedding. A girl goes through 5000 pictures on the internet, 200 lehengas at 10 different stores and over a thousand suggestions from her mother and her would be mother in-law. Once she has bought a particular one after clearing her head, do not make her go crazy again!!

2)    I hope you lose some weight before the wedding

Saying this or implying that she needs to “get in shape” will make as way more nervous than she already is. She will already be starving herself to look good in pictures and in her dream outfit with her man next to her, in front of a large gathering; she doesn’t need anything that may dampen her spirits. Let her be a happy bride.  

3)    Be careful of your mother-in-law

People who say these/such things to a bride or even a married woman should be banned from entering the house/venue. Every mother in-law is not a blood-sucking vampire as shown on TV or in movies. Each person is different, each marriage is different and circumstances are different. The girl may be a nervous wreck in this department already, why add to her tensions? Also, remember that you are treated the way you treat others. So you will always get what you give. Never push anyone to like/dislike anybody.


4)    You are finally going to be in your house

A girl never goes to “her” house “after” she gets married. The family she is born in is hers and always will be. The family she is getting married into will also be her family forever. She is actually, going from one house to another. Both are always going to be her homes and both families are her own in equal terms.

5)    Oh, that pimple has become obvious!

On a lighter note, a bride will be going bonkers on her appearance and thus in the process of trying to look the best, being nervous and scared, skin breakouts are not uncommon. However, don’t make her focus on that little pimple, she has bigger battles like sangeet and mehendi and pheras to conquer!

The bride’s brain will be doing 1000 calculations at the same time and be in constant overdrive for a long time. Do whatever you can, to ensure that she sleeps peacefully and enjoys her wedding rather than being burdened with worries that may be non-existent.

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Also, don’t stress the groom too. He may not say it, but a guy is nervous too. Be a good support system. Cheer them up and ensure they are a “happy couple”!

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Sharing is Caring-