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Books are man’s best friend, they say and I definitely agree with it. When was the last time you read a book?  The importance of reading book is undeniable and there are a lot of benefits of reading. “A man of reading is a man of culture.”

5 benefits of reading books:-

  1. Increases your mental strength: Reading books helps you to increase your mental strength as it makes your brain work along with other muscles of your body.
  2. Increases your vocabulary: Reading makes you come across a lot of new words and while reading them, you will eventually get to know these new words. So reading increases your vocabulary and also makes your language standard.
  3. Books are fun: Books entertain you free of cost. You can enjoy reading a book sitting in a sofa or on any idea when you are too bored to do anything.
  4. Increases creativity: Books let you interpret things in your own way. And what is more exciting than this? When you read a book, you think in terms of the plot, the character, the story etc. and you try to think about it in your own way which eventually will make you creative.
  5. Lets us live other people’s life: Books make us see things through other people’s life. This is not possible practically but books get you to a world full of new people with their own lives and let you experience their happiness and their sorrows. This helps you to understand other people’s feeling in the world.


These are the five reasons why books are the best companions in our life. There are other reasons too like books reduce stress, help us in understanding ourselves etc. Books play an important role in our lives. Reading a single book gives us a lot of experience and understanding. Good books develop us in many ways. Become a book addict and surely you will get an all new difference in your life.

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Sharing is Caring-