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Women have proved themselves to be an equal counterparts to men. Women have equaled (or) succeeded men in the recent era. In the late 20’s blossomed the need to educate and illuminate the lives of girl children. Instead of staying at home and attending to household chores, women started breaking their cocoons in the last decades by fluttering their wings further and flying high.

Independent women are those who don’t depend solely on men (or) others for their living. They tend to live their lives on their own by building an empire for themselves. Women these days try to be independent, not just because they hate being tied inside a cocoon, but to empower themselves more in life.


So here are the five main reasons why independent women don’t see their goals tied to Wed locks:

1) Empowering themselves to lay a better foundation for the future

The future depends on the hard-work we put in our present life. Marriage is not always a woman’s only destiny. Weddings are just a part of everybody’s life. That is the reason why independent women tend to improve themselves and upgrade themselves for a better future. Staying the same isn’t going to affect one’s future but it surely does affect their future well-being.

2) Ambition

Everyone has his/ her own talents. Instead of staying mundane, independent women give shape to their goals and passions. Earlier women felt secured by working to make their livelihood. But now-a-days, ambition is given more priority than flaunting a ring on their ring fingers. The fact isn’t that independent women don’t want to get married but they have scant regard for it as ambition is their prime motto of living.

3) Independence a security

Being dependent is not always going to guard one. So it is important to be independent in the form of actions and of thoughts. Being independent is a kind of social security for women these days. Everything changes and so is life. Thus, Independence is chosen as a shield to armor themselves from any mishaps.

4) Trust issues

Trust is not something that could easily be garnered these days. It is something that is earned only after few months or years of kinship. Earning somebody’s respect (or) trusting somebody isn’t a cake walk. When faith is lost, peace is lost. That is why, independent women aren’t prepared to lose their confidence to be shattered in the formative years of their marriage.

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5) Breakups and divorces

Breakups and divorces have multiplied more and more. With its number increasing day by day, independent women tend to take it slow. Rushing onto getting married isn’t their current need. Instead of dealing with unnecessary heartbreaks, independent women want wed locks a little later in order to avoid mishaps in their married life.

To put it into a nut shell, marriage is not ‘amid summers night’s dream’ but ‘Love’s labors lost’ for some. When one is wise in all, ‘All is well that ends well’.

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Sharing is Caring-