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Music is an art form whose medium is sound. The pleasant sound that comes from either songs or just the noise of trees moving is music. Why and in what way is music important? Music leads us to extreme happiness and makes one consider it to be along with their soul. That’s amazing, right?

Music has the power to make you understand the sound either making you happy or sorrowful by flashes of memories. It acts as a therapist and allows one to enjoy the minute or day in every way possible.

Music acts as a pacifier when we are low or stressed. We may like pop or melody or folk but music always soothes our mind in its own possible way. How music originated?


There is no exact date or time when music came into existence but it can be guessed that it came into existence after Christian churches established universities which dictated the destiny of music in the medieval or middle ages. Music is not just the source of mere entertainment but it also plays a very important role in our lives.

1) Music has the ability to play with our emotions:

Music acts as a stress buster to us. Whether we are happy or sad, it makes our mood light. We always feel relaxed when we listen to our favorite songs or music. We always try to connect with the music or song that is played. It makes us feel emotional according to what music is being played.

2) Music makes us creative:

Music is the key to creativity as it improves our mind. It fills our mind with art and every creativity and imagination we can think of. It also increases our ability to understand something. When we listen to a song, we don’t just listen to its music, but we also try to understand the lyrics of the song. Music also lets us interpret the meaning of the songs which we hear.

3) Music helps us to enjoy the work we do:

How many of us listen to music when we are actually doing some work? Most of us, right? When we are doing homework, or when we are cooking or even when we are studying, we enjoy the work we do when we are listening to our favorite music. Music makes us remember things better. When we were in school, we were taught rhymes and poems with a tune, so that we quickly understand and memorize the rhyme or poem.

4) Music develops Linguistic skills in children:

Children start to recognize voices, tones and words through music especially through rhymes. The words used in these poems have a great impact in the minds of the children and they learn those words very quickly. They try to understand the words and music becomes a language to them to communicate.

5) Music is a therapy:

Music acts as a therapy to patients who are suffering from depression, cancer and other mental disorders. Music relaxes their mind and keeps them calm. Researches show that when a person listens to music, his brain waves resonate in sync with the beats of the music. So music relaxes a person mentally and physically and we therefore attain a peaceful state.

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Though music is all entertaining and relaxing, we should also know what bad music is. For example, few songs will have abusive words and rude language in them and these songs should be avoided for children as they will retain them in mind which is not good for them. Otherwise, music is the most beneficial and stress buster for all of us. Keep listening to music to have a happy life!


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Sharing is Caring-